3 pieces of advice for a teenage vegan.

Being a teenager is hard enough on itself, I cannot image going vegan at the same time and dealing with over concerned parents and mean comments from so-called friends. Who came up with this teenage phase we all have to […]

Just went vegan? I need you to read this right now.

Congratulations, you just went vegan. Now what? What are the next steps that you can take? What will happen now? The thing with most people is that they think becoming vegan is the ultimate goal. That going vegan is a […]

Going vegan: A vegan checklist that you need to see.

So, my lovely. You have decided to go vegan. That is the most beautiful thing I have ever heard. I think the first few months of being vegan are the most exciting months one can experience. There is a lot […]

Who are strict vegans and what is their problem?

We often hear about strict vegans and how they are not able to enjoy life because of their radical lifestyle. How awful it must be for them to not enjoy a steak every now and then, or how miserable they […]

Vegan lifestyle: What is it and how can you create it?

I think people don’t really understand what I mean when I talk about living a vegan lifestyle. They think that veganism is only about eating plants and that’s it. Totally not it. Living a vegan lifestyle can seem complicated at […]

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