nice vegan

How to be a nice vegan when you’re angry.

Opening your heart and pouring out compassion when all you feel on the inside is anger is really fucking hard, guys. Being a nice vegan when you’re angry is like eating lemons and pretending you’re eating candy. It’s almost impossible […]

mlk quotes

8 MLK quotes to inspire animal rights activists.

Many years ago when I was learning about animal rights, I read an autobiography by Martin Luther King Jr. After reading it I was even more interested in learning how to do great work in the world and soon I […]

what veganism is

Are vegans forgetting what veganism is all about?

Sometimes I look around the vegan community and find myself surprised by how many people are forgetting about what veganism is all about. Nowadays, people are talking about veganism as environmentalism and social justice. They put their fellow animals beneath […]

books every new vegan needs to read

7 books every new vegan needs to read today.

Do you know what the secret to staying vegan long-term is? It is education. You can be the most enthusiastic vegan that ever walked the planet, but if you don’t know how to eat in a way that nourishes your […]

vegan-friendly brands

My 10 favorite vegan-friendly brands for everything.

I am a sucker for discovering new vegan products. I love knowing that I am supporting brands that create products that are cruelty-free, even if the brand itself is not 100% vegan. Because that’s how the change starts, when companies […]

vegan hair conditioner

The best vegan hair conditioner I ever tried.

I was never really happy with my hair if I am honest. I have a very round face and my hair is too wavy and doesn’t grow fast so I just can’t seem to have a good relationship with them. […]

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