angry vegan

Why I am not an angry vegan anymore.

I can get pretty pessimistic sometimes. I tried holding onto this blind idea of how society will only get better because I was obsessed with Elon Musk (whom I still love but not idolise anymore) but I can’t help but […]

diverse vegan community

A diverse vegan community would be more successful.

It’s interesting how nowadays people use the word diverse when talking about having people of different races and religions, but not the diversity of opinion. As a Centrist vegan, I have never felt like I fit in the vegan community. […]

support vegan products

Why we must support vegan products (+ my fav CF brands).

Every year there are more and more vegan products on the market. That means that there is a demand for cruelty-free items that are ethical and kind. Let’s get one thing clear, though. A product can be both vegan and […]

how to start being vegan

How to start being vegan in 3 easy steps.

Starting to live more ethically is not something you can accomplish through hardship and sweat and tears.  It’s quite literally just something you decide. Will there be things to figure out that will make the whole journey easier? Yeah, sure. […]

helpful tips for new vegans

5 helpful tips for new vegans.

Being passionate about changing your lifestyle and getting negative feedback for it can make anyone a bit depressed and stressed. It’s absolutely normal to feel like an outsider for a while. But at some point, you need to stand up […]

Do you want to go vegan but think it will be too stressful? 

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