what you eat

Staying Vegan #1: Love What You Eat.

Food. Most of us love to eat it. We are constantly opening the fridge hoping something yummy will magically appear in it and we love to try out new foods at our favorite food places. Sadly, some of us forget […]

going vegan in 2020

10 tips for everyone who is going vegan in 2020.

Can you smell the year 2020? It smells like environmentalism, plant-based companies breaking records and people waking up and taking responsibility for being the worst species to roam this planet – be honest, we really are the worst. I know […]


Don’t like slaughterhouses? Stop buying animal products.

I find it incredible how many people don’t seem to understand the way this world works. You see, I’ve heard from hundreds and hundreds of people that they absolutely hate slaughterhouses and what happens in them, but I also heard […]

vegan label

Should we drop the vegan label?

Sometimes I wish people didn’t know I’m vegan. I’m being honest. I wish I could just not exploit other animals but without having a new identity to wear on my forehead. Because that’s how it feels sometimes to be vegan. […]

things vegans should never do

4 things vegans should never do.

Why do some people stop being vegan? Why are some hated? Why do some hate themselves? I think I have the answers to these questions and I think some of you won’t like them, but I will still write about […]

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