be vegan

What it feels like to be vegan.

One of the biggest misconceptions about living a vegan lifestyle is that it’s hard. There is some truth in this assumption, of course, but only short term. It’s logical that you will have a hard time changing your habits when […]

worst vegan advice

The best and worst vegan advice I’ve ever received.

The worst vegan advice I’ve ever received went something like that: We must sacrifice our well being to save other animals. It doesn’t matter if you are suffering because they are suffering more. Basically, they called everyone a selfish person […]

annoying vegan

Ways to avoid becoming an annoying vegan.

Let’s face it, vegans; we can be a bit annoying sometimes. I know you are shaking your head now, thinking that standing up for the innocent is never annoying but that’s not what I’m saying. The opposite really. The fact […]

before going vegan

3 questions you should ask yourself before going vegan.

Today I want to talk about some questions I wish more new vegans asked themselves before actually embarking on this journey. Like, the really important questions that change your whole journey for better. I find that a lot of problems […]

resources people who are going vegan

My best resources for people who are going vegan.

I am a slut for a good resources post. I love when I have everything I need to know put in one place where I can easily search around and save the post in one click. It’s so much better […]

nice vegan

How to be a nice vegan when you’re angry.

Opening your heart and pouring out compassion when all you feel on the inside is anger is really fucking hard, guys. Being a nice vegan when you’re angry is like eating lemons and pretending you’re eating candy. It’s almost impossible […]

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