what veganism is

Are vegans forgetting what veganism is all about?

Sometimes I look around the vegan community and find myself surprised by how many people are forgetting about what veganism is all about. Nowadays, people are talking about veganism as environmentalism and social justice. They put their fellow animals beneath […]

books every new vegan needs to read

7 books every new vegan needs to read today.

Do you know what the secret to staying vegan long-term is? It is education. You can be the most enthusiastic vegan that ever walked the planet, but if you don’t know how to eat in a way that nourishes your […]

never been easier to go vegan

It has never been easier to go vegan, so do it today.

I know you’ve been thinking about going vegan. It’s 2019 and everyone is talking about it, so of course, the thought crossed your mind once or twice. Luckily for you, I am here to tell you why it has never […]

vegan news sources

Why vegan news sources suck and what to do about it.

I wrote an open letter to Live Kindly and Plant Based News a while ago because I was upset at their irresponsible journalism and countless lies. I was angry that these two huge vegan news sources were spreading inaccurate news […]

a vegan

When people only see you as a vegan.

Have you ever seen the light in someone’s eyes just turn off after you’ve told them that you are vegan? It’s like you were interesting and funny until you revealed that you don’t like to exploit your fellow animals. I […]

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