what you eat

Staying Vegan #1: Love What You Eat.

Food. Most of us love to eat it. We are constantly opening the fridge hoping something yummy will magically appear in it and we love to try out new foods at our favorite restaurants. Sadly, some of us forget to […]

avoid stress

7 ways to avoid stress when going vegan.

Before I give you my best 7 tips to avoid stress when going vegan, let me remind you that you can grab your free printable here. That way you can print it and keep it by your side as a […]

questions about veganism

10 questions about veganism answered.

There are so many things we vegans get asked about our lifestyle. So, so many! There are questions about the diet, the ethics, the community, what to do when this happens, what not to do when that happens, is something […]

8 simple things you need to know about being vegan.

All you wonderful people who are considering trying out this vegan lifestyle that everyone is talking about lately, I have here 8 things you need to know about being vegan. Eight tips. Eight honest confessions. Eight reasons to go vegan. […]

A to Z reasons why you should go vegan today.

You know what day is today? It’s the day to go vegan. Today I want to give you A to Z reasons why you should go vegan, like yesterday. All of them are what made me change my lifestyle and […]

Vegans still kill animals, didn’t you know that?

How often do you hear that just because you are vegan, you still support the death of other animals just by buying food for your cats? Or how you could not possibly live a completely cruelty-free life because somewhere along […]

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