Change is good, so change for better.

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Don’t you hate it when people claim that they haven’t changed a bit, simply because change is often seen as something bad? I don’t like that attitude.

We are all changing. The person I was in October of 2017, was someone else, someone that does not exist anymore. I am constantly growing and expanding. Constantly becoming more and more aware of who I am and who I am not. There is absolutely nothing wrong with change.

So when you embark on this beautiful journey of creating a lovely lifestyle, you will find that a lot of people will go against you. A lot of people will accuse you of being too different, too drastic, too unlike what they once knew. Do not let them get to you, darling.

If we wouldn’t change, we wouldn’t grow. And if we are not growing, we are dead. Who wants to die, am I right?

So grow. Grow and expand. Express. Upgrade. Re-learn. Reach. Create. Explore. Be.

I am against promoting the idea of becoming someone, as I believe we already are someone and we can never become anyone else, but I do believe in exploring the depths of our being, and I am all for going deep into our mind and coming out with new ideas and creations.

So change. Change your words. Change your outlook. Change your habits. Change your actions. Change your surroundings. Change your interests. Change for better. Always for better.

There is so much beauty in change. There is so much beauty in being who we are yet finding new depths that were un-explored until now.

When you are fought against, do not fight back. Change your ways and just be. Stay in the moment. Let them fight and try to become stronger, tougher, harder. You be. Stay soft, channel the energy of a flower, change your energy to match the energy of the sky. Do not change for worse.

Let the changes that are happening in your life do good in the world. Let the changes be positive.

Instead of feeling ashamed that you find yourself changing your beliefs, opinions and values, honor it. Honor the fact that you have opened your mind to explore new areas of life, new worlds that exist around you.

Too many people are taught to believe in certain things and they never question them. They never explore the other side of the spectrum, they never reach for a different fruit.

This is a chapter from my FREE eBook From Feeling Low to Living Green that you can get here.

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