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I am someone who values teeth very much. Mainly because as a child I had literally black teeth due to my mother feeding me candy daily because I simply wanted to eat it. 

That led to a lot of problems and sadly I was not blessed with good teeth genes, which means that I can’t just rely on luck but need to actually floss and brush my teeth religiously. 

During the isolation period when I wasn’t able to go to my favorite stores to buy beauty and health products, I had to settle with what I had available. Meaning, I had to accept that I will have to buy a plastic toothbrush and try to find the most natural toothpaste I could find.

But luck led me to find Colgate’s vegan toothpaste that yes, cost me around 6€ but it did not contain other animals, it was not tested on them, and as a bonus, it came in a recyclable tube and packaging.

Yes, I am serious. This is the best shit ever.

One thing I am super strict about is using a toothpaste with fluoride. For the longest time, I was just using baking soda and coconut oil to do the work and it was all because I was a huge conspiracist and New Age hippy. 

Ever since I stopped doubting science and what is proven to work for our bodies, I have a much better relationship with my dental care. 

Colgate’s vegan toothpaste has all the goodies your teeth need. It smells fresh and doesn’t have that disgusting taste that a lot of others have. 

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It is certified vegan which is something I really value because I can trust that my eyes and my reading abilities are not deceiving me. I’m not a chemist and I don’t know all the names on the ingredients list so this makes shopping so much easier.

What really made those 6€ worth it was the fact that the tube and the whole packaging are recyclable. You know how much I care about making progress when it comes to reducing the amount of plastic I buy and this made me really happy.

I hope to see more brands invest in much more ethical products that are not only good for our health but other animals and our planet as well. 

It’s things like this that give me the motivation to continue. 

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