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As a vegan, I am often asked what I feed our three cats and Chuck, our beautiful doggo. Well, today I will talk about their diets and why I’ve decided to feed them that way.


Our cats eat meat as they should.

Cats are obligate carnivores and require meat to survive, so I never thought about feeding them plants because I want them alive and well.

We adopted them with the knowledge that they will not be eating the same way we do, and even if we tried they would probably kill us as they only eat meat and nothing else. We know what we support, but we also know there is no other way.

As for Chuck, our dog, he is almost 100% plant-based.

You can read about how he went plant-based here and a little update here. I also post photos of him on Instagram so that you can see for yourself how he thrives on (mostly) plants.

But anyway, after he started suffering from an eye illness and it was just painful to watch him, we decided to try and take salty food away from him, so dog food from a can was banned for a while.

That seemed to make his eyes a teeny-tiny bit better and we continued.

We started making food for him at home and he was eating fewer animal products until one day I just told my dad that Chuck is going plant-based and he can’t buy meat for him anymore.

He agreed.

Sometime in the spring of 2018 he started eating mostly plant-based and has been eating that way ever since, with the occasional meal with animal products that he gets from my uncle. But he eats what we eat and we take care of his health, too.

Chuck eats vegetables and starches and legumes and fruit and nuts and seeds. We are treating him as somebody and not something, that’s why we don’t want to feed him shit we wouldn’t put in our mouth.

Sure, he gets animal products from time to time but we are not too strict when it comes to him. After all, he can never be vegan for ethics as he does want to eat meat. It’s just that we know he can survive and thrive without it so we chose to feed him mainly plant-based – but if someone brings him meat, he is allowed to eat it.

We don’t force plants down the cat’s throat and we don’t want to be too limiting when it comes to Chuck either. But since he can be healthy without animal products, we are choosing to give him plants, even though he would prefer to eat meat (probably, but he genuinely loves plants).

As for his eyes, they got redder and his eyesight worsened so we got him some eye drops and the vet said he is losing sight. The medicine worked and he is now so much better, but eventually, he will go blind and we are all prepared for when that happens.

I am against feeding cats plant-based as they are obligate carnivores. Since humans are the ones that domesticated them, we need to take care of their needs and health. There are millions of stray cats and I won’t give up rescuing them and bringing them home just because I will need to buy meat for them.

It’s time we take responsibility for what we’ve done and stop being purists. You can be vegan and feed your companion animal’s meat, especially if they need it to survive. And if one day Chuck stops thriving on a plant-based diet and needs animal products, I will start feeding him that way, too.

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companion animals