Compassion towards all but mostly towards self

Poor little animals we are. Needed of love and care and protection yet we give nothing of that to ourselves. It’s all about constant judgment and hate that is keeping us miserable and alone. How much do we have to endure before opening our arms to embrace ourselves as well?

It can be very scary to live in our bodies and having to deal with thoughts that we cannot control. It can be scary to look in the mirror and not be sure about the truth of who we are. It’s scary to deal with the thoughts of self-destruction.

How often do we show compassion towards ourselves? How often do we protest for our rights and for our justice? How often do we give love to ourselves?

The need to protect others is normal and quite natural to us, but the strength to speak up will run out of gas at one point. You need to go solar instead. Look within and find that light that will guide you at all times and never ran out of oil.

And before I go further with my go-solar-with-self explanation, let me just say that I know that’s not quite how electric cars work. But for the purpose of this analogy, let’s overlook the minor mistakes.

See, when you show compassion and love towards yourself every few days, you will be slowly running out of it every day. Each day you will be emptier and slower. You will need that quick fix that will last for a few days, depending of course on how much you do each day and how much you give when pushing your body.

With solar, you always have the sun on you. You always have light and energy that keeps you going. Going solar with yourself means being in the state of self-compassion every second of the day. No quick fixes, no sudden heights, just a steady road on the clouds of love and care.

We constantly push ourselves over our limits.

We constantly punish ourselves for indulging in something that makes us feel good.

We are taught to work hard for a little bit of joy. To push ourselves and keep on going until you reach that point of relief and peace, only to go back and repeat the cycle. It happens with work (work hard to achieve success, then work even harder to obtain it and reach those little milestones), food (starve and workout hard to eat that piece of cake at the end of the week), sex (you know how that works so let’s skip that), relationships (learn how to handle the physical and emotional abuse to enjoy those little moments of love and connection) etc.

No one tells us that it’s okay to take care of ourselves every minute and that it’s okay to always work from yourself not outside of yourself. To always give when you are full, not to empty yourself but to share what is left. Only when you have enough, you can give.

Leave what is not serving you. Let go of what doesn’t fill you up anymore.

Stop settling for sunrays when you can be the damn sun.

Acknowledge yourself and how you feel. Acknowledge what you want and what is not a good fit anymore. Don’t wait for those occasional moments of peace when peace is available to you at all times.

Have you thought about going to nature and talking to her? Mother trees are pretty good at giving advice you know, and you can get some witty response from the babies as well. That’s your home, so go home and talk to your parents. They’re pretty good at listening.

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Compassion towards all but mostly towards self

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