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coziest asmr channels

Am I hearing right? Is this Emma with her book about ASMR? Why yes it’s her.

Emma is my favourite ASMRtist and she released a book Unwind Your Mind a few months ago which I still haven’t read but I do know that this means ASMR is getting a bit more normal to talk about in public.

You can read what this phenomenon is here and how it can help you with anxiety, stress, depression and other things that might be making your life a bit harder to go through.

A year or two ago I wrote a post where I shared my favourite channels at that time, but since I grew and became pickier on who I listen to, I want to share with you a new list of coziest ASMR channels.

Cozy is one of my favourite English words and I love things that make me feel like that. Listening to certain people that create ASMR videos is just a nice way of getting in that place and relaxing, or listening to it while I work.

Here are, in my opinion, the coziest ASMR channels you must listen to:

As someone who is absolutely and utterly in love with the Portuguese language (I wish I had Brazilian friends so I could speak Portuguese with them), I feel so lovely listening to her. Videos are of very high resolution, audio is on point and you honestly feel like you are at a spa. Everything is very visually pleasing and the sounds are heavenly.

I got the idea for this post while listening to Batala this morning while writing a different post. She is amazing and an angel and it’s incredible how one human can make you feel so relaxed and stress-free through the screen. Out of all the people who are doing ASMR videos, she is the most genuine and authentic, in my opinion. There is something so cozy about listening to her (well, except the mouth sounds, those gross me out).

I mentioned Emma at the beginning of this post because she is my favourite and the reason I love ASMR so much. Her videos are exactly how I imagine countryside living in Surrey feels like – I used to fantasise about living in Surrey in a cottage with two German Shepherds and a husband that was, obviously, a professional football player. Emma is just so… English and lovely and beautiful and kind. Her videos feel like home.

I talk a lot about mental health and how going to therapy and taking pills is a must for all of us, but there are other things we can do as well.

One of these things can be listening to ASMR. There aren’t really any studies out there that prove this is super helpful, but it’s still very early on and we have to rely on anecdotes and personal experience for now.

I know I am the first person to scream about how something is not scientifically proven, but in this case, it literally can’t hurt anyone to give it a try. Meditation was not backed by science for a long time either and look how much we’ve learnt about it already.

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coziest asmr channels