create good content

Creating content is one of the most challenging things we face as bloggers.

After five years of writing every day and publishing over 270 blog posts (not counting those few hundred that are deleted), I sometimes feel that I cannot come up with new ideas to write about.

There are weeks when I feel lost and uninspired. No matter what I do, I just simply do not have any good things to write about and topics to explore.

But I have to do it.

As an activist, it is my job to serve those who need help. It is my duty to help other animals in need, not because I would be a bad person for not doing it, but because starting a blog was a choice I made five years ago.

I need to create good content because that way I feel fulfilled as a blogger. Having an awareness of what is happening in the world at the moment, I want to help and writing is my way of speaking up.

If you too want to know how to keep going as a blogger and always have something new to write about, here are my tips:

  • Think of what you wish you knew when you went vegan (or became an activist). What are the topics you wish someone covered? What are the ideas you wish someone presented? Use your own story as an inspiration for what you create next. Let your past fuel your future. What do you wish someone would’ve taught you as a new vegan – or a new activist? What are the basics everyone needs to be aware of?
  • Allow yourself to experiment with the topics you cover on your blog. I think this is something that helped me grow as a blogger the most because I always gave myself permission to expand and be curious. That way you can see what people like to read and maybe they will encourage you to write about something you have never written about before. I mainly focus on writing about veganism, environmentalism and mental-health, but I sometimes speak up about political issues or simply share fun podcasts I love listening to.
  • Look at the news and see what is missing. I try to stay away from the news and politics – especially after I spent like two years being basically obsessed with it –but I do like to hear some Conservatives deny climate change because that inspires me to write about the most basic things people can do to be more eco-friendly (here are some ideas btw). Also, socialists who hate billionaires give me the power to create content for people who like taking responsibility for their actions and not blame the wealthy for their mistakes. Seriously, what is the most basic topic you could cover that you always taught everyone knew everything about? Do it!

Don’t be afraid to try different things and be adventurous.

The best way to always feel inspired is to look for that which can inspire you. Really, look around, look within and, most importantly, look up.

I love space. I love it so much that the biggest vision I have for myself is to sit on a rock on Mars, look at Earth in the sky and write a book about life on this planet for Martians – just a simple book from the perspective of an average human. No science and data, just how it felt to live on Earth.

That makes me so pumped up for the future and for the work I can do. Maybe I actually can achieve that, and the best way to make that happen is if I help protect this planet so that we have more time to work on exploring space and other worlds.

Have faith that your work will change the world for better. It is the only type of blind faith that I recommend.

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create good content