depressed vegan

Veganism and depression seem like two things that if put together have the potential to create the funniest jokes.

But it’s only funny when you are not on the receiving end of some of the most stupid and inconsiderate comments the world has ever seen. I heard a fair share of them and I want to share them with you.

These days everyone considers themselves an expert on everything. From what humans should eat to how humans should think and who we should vote for. There is no place for science anymore, or statistics, or data, or just plain logic.

So sad.

Being a depressed vegan makes you an easy target for jerks who think listening to YouTube videos and Joe Rogan makes them someone worth listening to.

Sadly, they forget that on the receiving end is an actual human with feelings and that sometimes it’s just better to keep one’s mouth shut.

If you are a dick who hates vegans and has never experienced clinical depression, these are 3 sentences you should just keep to yourself:

  • You should be eating meat and eggs/you should go on Keto/ you should try being a carnivore.

First, most of us have been depressed for way longer than we have been vegan for. Second, there is absolutely no scientific evidence that eating a meat-heavy diet can help with depression – funnily enough, eating plant-based might help, though*.

  • Veganism makes you a hateful person and that’s why you are depressed; it’s because you have too much hate in your heart.

If vegans are so hateful and therefore prone to depression, then Nazis and White Supremacists should be committing suicides all over the place. The truth is that we are as angry as any other person. Sadly you only see anger because you want to make us the bad guys because feeling guilty for doing something immoral is heavy on your conscience and you are unfortunately confusing your guilt with us being angry. If we are angry then MLK must’ve been one hell of a party-killer for standing up for the innocent. Not to mention Gandhi, oh my! It seems like your advice is to be racist homophobic animal-abusers because the second we stand up for the oppressed our hearts are filled with hate and we will become depressed.

  • Maybe you should stop being vegan for a while and just take care of yourself first.

I’m sorry but do you really think that buying tofu instead of fish and hazelnut milk instead of dairy is such a horrible task that I am not capable of buying plant-based foods and taking care of my mental health? I understand where you are coming from, I think, but a piece of better advice would be: How can you balance your life and not forget about self-care when standing up for justice? (I wrote about that here) Now that would be an actual helpful question you could ask a vegan who struggles with depression.

I know some people really believe they are helping but we have to think twice before we open our mouths, especially when we aren’t 1000% sure we are correct.

Most people who point fingers at vegans who are suffering from an illness are doing it from the place of resentment. They hate us for being different, for not wanting to kill anyone, so everything that happens to us is supposedly due to not eating meat.

I’m grateful to each individual who reaches out and shares their story, but there comes a time when hearing about the Keto diet just becomes a joke that I don’t find funny anymore.

Depression is not a vegan problem, it’s a human problem. If you reach out to me with advice, talk to me like I’m a human, not your just another poor depressed vegan that you need to rescue from the big broccoli industry.

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depressed vegan