Have you ever asked yourself: Do vegans care about humans?

It’s not a secret that some people think that vegans only care about the animals and no one else. They think that we don’t give a damn about humans and that we would pick a baby goat over a human baby – which is stupid because why would you ever have to pick between the two of them, that’s not even happening in the movies.

What they don’t know is that by eating animals they are contributing to hunger in the world. And they contribute to climate change. Not to mention they apparently don’t care about slaughterhouse workers who suffer from PTSD and other disorders.

Yes, I know that there is enough food and the reason hunger exists is because certain people in higher positions think that they are entitled to decide who gets to eat and who doesn’t, but still, there would be a bigger chance of people getting food if animals that we slaughter wouldn’t eat it.

See, we feed grains to animals instead of people and we abuse animals just so we can abuse people even more. Children are starving while animals are being fed foods that could be eaten by humans. If the world would be vegan, people could grow plants and grains and eat it, and animals wouldn’t be slaughtered because only a certain amount of them would exist due to not being bred for slaughter.

Our planet would be greener because growing tomatoes and potatoes isn’t producing methane and people would be healthier.

So when people say that we vegans don’t care about people, they should look themselves in the mirror and ask why they aren’t supporting animals. Who said that we need to choose one? Why is there always just one choice for people? Why can’t we support all causes?

Pick one:

  • Animals or people?
  • Money or happiness?
  • Health or fortune?
  • Rich and sad or happy and poor?
  • Your mother or your father?

Do you know why most people in the West are broke? Because they have this belief in their mind that if they want to be happy, humble and honest they need to be broke.

The media rarely shows us Elon Musk and his vision for humanity; they don’t talk about Gary Vaynerchuk who is motivating the masses, or Robin Sharma who has transformed millions of lives. Because if you KNOW that money is just paper and there are 98% of wealthy people who are GOOD and HONEST, you would become one of them, too, and that would just suck for corporations who feed on broke people.

Do you know why people choose people over animals?

Because they are fed from the day they were born a lie that only human lives matter and that animals are here for us.

It has always been like that, we always had to choose one cause to support because caring for both would be wrong. People think that animals don’t matter, so you should focus on helping people, and the most stupid thing that you realize is that most people who want you to choose between human animals and non-human animals are not supporting either!

I am not going to pick a human baby over a baby gorilla because I am not facing this issue right now. If one day I will have to choose one, well, I will think about who to pick later, I am busy right now saving the world.

Remember that when someone says that you are a bad person for caring for animals and not people, know that they are either:

  • One of those people that are conditioned to believe that only one life matters and we should all be focusing on our species.
  • One of those people who is not doing anything because they are too busy feeling sorry for themselves and all they do is blame others for doing SOMETHING.
  • One of those people who are so selfishly focused on one cause that they are blind to the suffering of everyone else.

I try to be an ethical shopper most of the time (read more here), I ask old ladies if they need help with anything, I sign petitions for human rights, I speak up if there is an injustice against someone and I am not afraid of being loud when it comes to people who are racist, homophobic or sexist.

I do not have just one cause that I care about. My heart is big enough for all of them, and I want to encourage you, too, to openly fight for the rights of all beings.

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I am sending you all my love,