Becoming Vegan: The Dos and Don’ts (super honest)

I admit – I used to be that vegan who always preached about how awesome the vegan lifestyle is and how it can make everyone’s life better. I was watching vegan YouTubers, whom I shall not name, and agreed with every single thing they said when they called out another YouTuber (or a celebrity).

At the time, all I wanted was for people to know how incredible it is to be vegan and that saving animals should be on everyone’s to-do list, but as I have come to realize, my vegan lifestyle is really not that awesome. And if you are interested in knowing all the good and all the bad things about being vegan, please continue reading (this sounds like a freaking YouTube video, sorry).

My vegan lifestyle is very far away from buying pineapples every day, hanging out with my healthy vegan friends, having shiny hair and clear skin. It’s actually the opposite – the only fruit I buy every day are bananas, I have literally no vegan friends (but please, read my article on how to find vegan friends that I wrote) because I do not hang out with people very often and because I live in a town with a few thousand people who eat pigs every fucking day, my hair is falling out due to stress and my skin has only been clear for the past two days.

Now, if you are still interested in knowing about the dos and the don’ts of becoming vegan, again, continue reading.

Shall we start with why being vegan sucks?

  • Being vegan sucks if you are introverted and socially awkward. Good luck finding friends without talking to them!
  • Being vegan sucks if you are a sensitive motherfucker. You will cry all the fucking time. Not so fun isn’t it?
  • Being vegan sucks if you live in a town where all the beauty and cleaning products are totally tested on animals and contain their body parts. Yes, I am vegan and no, I do not have 100% CF and vegan bathroom.
  • Being vegan sucks if you hate cooking and live on croissants with marmalade and bread with tomatoes on top. Anyway, obviously, that one should not be taken very seriously. If you want to know what I eat as a vegan, check out this post that I wrote.
  • Being vegan sucks if you live next to a pig farm and every damn day you hear pigs crying out, longing to see the sun and feel the grass under their feet. A very disturbing fact – before I went vegan, I haven’t even heard them.

Now, let’s get to the good stuff of becoming vegan.

  • Being vegan is amazing if you really (and I mean really, really, not yes to the dogs, no to the cows really) love the animals and want to save their lives.
  • Being vegan is amazing if you care about others and are ready to let your selfish-self stay in the trash where it belongs.
  • Being vegan is amazing if you do not want to support oppression, slavery, slaughter, rape and violence of animals.
  • Being vegan is amazing if you want to contribute to a more compassionate world, where everyone is safe and equal.
  • Being plant-based (read why I used plant-based and not vegan here) is amazing if you want to be healthier. Have you watched What the Health yet?
  • Being plant-based is amazing if you care about climate change and the environment. Read these two articles: here and here.

Now, it’s totally up to you which side of the argument you will use to support your decision, but remember that YOUR decision affects BILLIONS of lives. Also, that is my side of how it is to be vegan and it totally doesn’t have to be the same for you. But you know that already.

Make sure to let me know in a comment if you are interested in becoming vegan and why have you decided to become one? Also, please remember to share YOUR opinion about the vegan lifestyle and what do you think makes it good or bad.

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p.s. – Becoming vegan can consume people with all the new information and knowledge, so it’s important to create a beautiful self-care routine. Read all about that here.

Becoming Vegan: The Dos and Don’ts (super honest)

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