Fast and easy ways to get healthier this year.

Health is the most important ingredient to enjoying life. It’s like bananas if you think of life as a smoothie. Without bananas the smoothie just sucks.

So to make a delicious smoothie that everyone will be jealous of, we need to add the bananas. And to find the perfect banana you need to do many things, and those things are, in our case, habits that keep us healthy.

Okay, enough about bananas.

Health is not something one can achieve quickly, but it is definitely something that we can build with the right bricks. Everything takes time and health is no different.

Today I want to share with you those few bricks that will help you build the house of health. I want to give you a few easy ways to get healthier this year because when we feel better, we do better.

  • First, let’s talk about your relationships. There is nothing worse than having awful people around you, who not only keep you down in the dirt but also fill your head with words that harm. Having good people in our lives is one of the strongest bricks we can use as a base. Ask yourself, who is not good for your health? Who do you need to remove from your life, or just spend less time with? Some people can be a poison for you, while others can be like sunshine whose rays always illuminate your life and make you happier.
  • Now, let’s talk about food and nutrition. Eating plants is great and healthy, but not if those plants are just a small part of a giant cheeseburger or fried in greasy oil. Do you avoid carbs? Do you eat rotten bodies of dead animals? Do you consume dairy? How many times a day do you eat a piece of fruit? I wrote many posts about eating plant-based, but this post includes science that will definitely help you with deciding what to eat tomorrow for breakfast. Remember, when you eat live food, you give life to your body.
  • How many times a week do you exercise? Do you move your body every day? Do you stretch it? Your body is your home, and to keep your home cozy and clean, you need to help it fight all the diseases that are attacking it every day. You need to help it get strong to fight old age and viruses. You can start by walking every day and taking the stairs instead of an elevator, it doesn’t need to be hard and scary.

There are no easy ways to get healthier, but there are fast and easy things that we can do every single day to slowly build that house of health. Every day we have a choice to make – between doing healthy things and doing unhealthy things.

Every day:

  • You can eat an apple and not cheese. You know what they say – an apple a day keeps a doctor away. Fresh food that grew in nature, gives you health. Factory farmed animals who were slaughtered, do not.
  • You can hug someone and not write a nasty email. Hugs are better than ugly words that you will regret right after you send it.
  • You can prepare a risotto and not buy take-out. Rice is super healthy and good for you, while fat only makes you fat. Cook from your heart to take care of your heart.
  • You can go for a walk and not watch that TV show that you secretly dislike. We all have that thing that we dislike yet we give it attention when we could use the time more wisely by going to nature and talking to the trees.
  • You can give another chance to someone and not remind them of that one damn mistake they’ve made a year ago. We all grow and expand as humans, so let go of the past and call someone that you still love.
  • You can give more love to the animals and not pay for their exploitation. When we spread the seeds of death and slavery, we produce even more death and slavery – and no one really wants that.
  • You can eat the damn carrot and not smoke that nasty cigarette. I wouldn’t know how hard it is to quit cigarettes, but I do know that if you really, really want to quit, you can. Plus, carrots are good for your eyes and maybe if you eat more of them, you will see that warning on the pack of cigarettes.
  • You can ride your bike and not spend yet another afternoon at the mall. Malls give me anxiety and I always, always, always feel like I will pass out right there and then while riding my bike makes me happy and joyful.

The choice is yours. The decision needs to be made by you.

It’s always on you to do something good for your health; no one else can take care of your body and mind for you.

The more I think about my past health issues, the more I realize they’ve all been in my head, quite literally. I had asthma, epilepsy, depression, anxiety, OCD, you name it. They were all in my head or they were created in my head.

My body was just suffering because of something that was caused in my head, so now I am focusing on not being in my head so much but to spend more time in my body by doing yoga, or outside of it by meditating.

Tell me, how are you taking care of your health? Can you share some of your favourite easy ways to get healthier? Do you know any tricks that we can all benefit from? Leave a comment below and share with all the readers how you are taking care of your house of health.

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Fast and easy ways to get healthier this year.

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