Stay healthy as a vegan. Here is what I eat.

Today I want to share with you my diet, if I may call it like that, and what I eat on a daily basis to stay healthy and full of energy. As you know I am a vegan and have been eating fully plant based for the past two years; I went through unhealthy phases and weeks when I wasn’t eating enough, but I have found what feels best for me now and have been following a high carb low-fat vegan diet for the past year. So, are you interested in knowing what I eat to stay healthy? I often share what I eat on Instagram, so make sure you follow me there.

For breakfast I usually drink a smoothie or eat a few pieces of fruit; I tend to eat little for breakfast, as I am waking up very early and I do not feel hungry until 9/10am. I would usually eat fruit until lunch is ready, but sometimes I make a smoothie bowl with plenty of oats.

Lunch is usually the biggest meal of the day in our house, so we always eat rice or pasta with salad. Sometimes we make a vegetable soup that lasts until dinner, but we genuinely eat 90% of the time some type of a rice dish or pasta. Carbs are very important in my home and we include plenty of fiber and leafy greens as well. When I finish eating I usually take my B12 pill.

Dinners are big and full of carbs; surprise, surprise. I would say that we either eat a soup, a salad or rice. It happens very rarely that we would only have a smoothie for dinner; we usually wait until 9/10pm to have a smoothie and that’s usually it. I don’t follow any rules when it comes to eating and I don’t worry if I eat 5 slices of bread with ajvar at midnight.

There are always bananas and apples at home, that’s usually the snack between the meals. I don’t count my calories, nor do I want to. Quite frankly I just listen to my body and eat when I feel like eating; some days I might find myself not being hungry at all (especially during summertime) and other days I am just eating and eating and eating.

With that being said – I do try to avoid oil and processed sugar. I am not a strict HCLF vegan, but I do eat like that most of the time. I don’t eat chocolate or cookies every day, my body is very sensitive to foods that are not natural, pizza or a hamburger are a once in three months thing, basically whenever I go to the capital and I never drink anything but water (okay, I have a cappuccino every now and then).

The best part of eating plant-based is that I can eat all the foods that I enjoyed eating while I was growing up. Being born close to Italy and seeing olive trees everywhere, I ate pasta and lasagna and polenta and gnocchi all the time. Sure fish, cheese, and prosciutto were always on my plate, but the basics were always carbs and colorful vegetables. When I went vegan I still had plenty of ingredients left to prepare the best Mediterranean dishes you can dream of.

Hopefully, I was able to help anyone who might struggle with eating vegan and isn’t sure how to eat properly to stay healthy. I just want to make sure that you realize that being healthy and staying healthy doesn’t necessarily come just from eating healthy, it comes from our mental health as well. So if you are eating super healthy vegan foods all the time, but you are under stress and have relationship issues with others all the time – I’m sorry, but you will have to work on your inner home as well. How do you feed your mind? What about your heart? Think about that. Stress is one of the leading causes for getting ill and eating plants doesn’t guarantee that you will be healthy as a fish (its a Slovenian saying, do you use it in your country too?).

If you are interested in some amazing vegan recipes – here is a post I wrote that contains some of the best dishes you can prepare to stay healthy and full of energy on a plant-based diet. If you want to learn why a plant-based diet is the best diet for you, read my post here.

Let me know in the comments what your favorite meal of the day is and how do you remain healthy through the food you put in your body. Make sure to follow me on Twitter.


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