Eating with non-vegans can be a disastrous experience – if you want it to be. It can also be a time of compassion and lessons being shared.

Sitting behind a table with five other people who are eating animals and drinking their fluid can never be fun, but it can be kind. We can use the questions we are asked to educate others and to share with them our reasons for why we went vegan in the first place.

When they ask you why you are not eating a rabbit or a chicken, you can tell them that you prefer observing their intelligence and how beautiful they are. When they ask you why you are not drinking milk, you can tell them that you could, but you read an alarming study about how milk causes cancer and diabetes.

Nothing rude, just facts.

I have three rules that I try to obey when in the company of non-vegans:

  • Rule #1 of eating with non-vegans – Spread compassion and kindness. Never be rude when responding to a question and don’t speak in a negative tone.
  • Rule #2 of eating with non-vegans – Do not push your views on others. I know they are doing this, but you don’t want to be like them, right? If they don’t ask, you don’t respond. Be uncomfortable, but don’t risk being a judgy vegan and pushing people even further away from veganism. I know this is a controversial statement but I really believe it is a better approach.
  • Rule #3 of eating with non-vegans – Eat in abundance and show them the joy of eating good vegan food. If you know in advance that they will not prepare vegan food for you, make sure you bring something with you and share it with others as well.

I know that eating with dead corpses around you is not the most enjoyable experience, but you don’t want the fact that you are uncomfortable affect those who don’t mind. I don’t care how many vegans say that you must be loud and graphic when you see something wrong happening, you must know when to do it and how to do it. It’s just a fact that people won’t change if you push them and make them feel like they are supporting a crime.

For them killing an animal is not a crime and you once supported it, too, so swallow your anger and start being an example of someone who is here to teach not preach.

There are a time and a place for preaching and being graphic. You need to strategize and learn what is too much for them. You can’t push people to change; you must slowly awaken their consciousness.

If you don’t cook, start cooking and posting photos of your easy-to-make yet delicious vegan dishes on Instagram. When you buy a new cruelty-free and vegan mascara, throw a photo there and share it with people who are not yet aware that such a thing exists. Trust me, there are people that have no idea they can buy vegan beauty products that are actually good and affordable. Most don’t even know that hair dye is usually not vegan.

But don’t expect them to change everything overnight, because for most people it’s hard to suddenly change their lifestyle and start eating completely different than before. We are creatures of habit and change scares us, even if we are one of those people that say we love change.

No one wants to be told that what they are doing is causing the death of the animals and our planet; you must learn how to be a vegan ninja, inspire them to change through mind skills without them being aware.

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I am sending you all my love,