Educational YouTube channels that I watch and recommend.

Out of all the social media sites, YouTube has got to be my favourite for the simple reason that personality actually matters when it comes to creating content. No matter how pretty you are if you can’t keep me watching a 5-minute video then you suck.

I already shared with you my favourite ASMR channels before, if you are interested in a bit of weird relaxing techniques, but here I want to tell you about educational YouTube channels where you can learn stuff.

Just think about how easy we have it today when it comes to educating ourselves on topics that interest us. We can watch a simple YouTube video and learn a new language, how to make fire, or how to perform CPR on a dog.

We are always just a click away from learning a new skill that can help us get that job that we love, improve our health, or just inspire us to keep moving forward.

Without further ado, here are my favourite educational YouTube channels:

  • Colleen Patrick-Goudreau has a beautiful channel where she shares the latest podcasts, Q&A videos, short tips and vegan recipes. Colleen is an author, speaker, podcast host and an animal rights activist.
  • Mic The Vegan shares videos about science and what it tells us about how to eat. I love all the links to the studies and his honesty when it comes to looking at the best diet for human beings. Not to mention he is also very funny and entertaining.
  • NutritionFactsOrg is the only non-commercial, non-profit, science-based website that provides information about the latest news when it comes to nutrition (and healthy living).
  • Sam Harris shares the latest episodes of his amazing podcast Waking Up. I already wrote about his podcast about a million times on my website but the conversations revolve around topics such as free speech, free will, politics, consciousness, and religion.
  • SciShow Space posts videos about the latest news when it comes to space as well as videos where the hosts explain things like how life began on Earth and how the surface of Venus looks like.
  • Kristen Leo shares videos that are targeted at those who want to learn how to shop second-hand and live an eco-vegan lifestyle.

There you have it; six educational YouTube channels where I get my knowledge from on topics that interest me. Obviously, these are just a few because honestly, I learn mostly from podcasts and I use YouTube mostly for entertainment.

I constantly go through the channels I am subscribed to, to make sure that I am still interested in them. There is nothing worse than seeing 20 new videos on your feed every day and feeling disorganized that you end up watching none of them.

As with all social media, I am only following those whose content I appreciate and believe in. Life is too short to be spent on people that don’t bring value to your life.

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