How can you actually enjoy going vegan?

A lot of people are scared of going vegan because they think it will somehow ruin their life and everything they are comfortable with will get taken away from them.

Sure, you will be challenged to leave your comfort zone and upgrade a few habits, but you will still be the same person. You will still like the same music and movies, and you will still dress the same.

I suppose seeing all these ex-vegans who blame all their problems on veganism scares you. You don’t want to become as obsessed as they were and you certainly don’t want to be known as The Vegan.

You are much more than that, we both know that.

Going vegan is not a scary thing to do. It can get hard at times and it definitely makes you face a few things that you would rather turn a blind eye to, but it doesn’t have to be a scary experience.

So how to actually enjoy going vegan?

  • You can enjoy going vegan by focusing on the lifestyle that awaits you after you change a few things in your daily routine. Focus on the vision you have of yourself living a compassionate and kind lifestyle.
  • You can enjoy going vegan by surrounding yourself with people whose life inspires you. Find people that make you joyful and who inspire you.
  • You can enjoy going vegan by being kinder to yourself and being grateful for the progress you have made. Upgrade your self-care game and kick stress in the ass. If you need ideas, check out this post that I wrote.
  • You can enjoy going vegan every day by doing things that bring you joy and happiness. How about reading your favorite books, being in touch with nature or going to the cinema with your friends?
  • You can enjoy going vegan by seeing veganism as a bonus that you are adding to your life, not an end goal that will force you to become someone else.

It sounds huge to think about all the things you need to change to be friendlier to other animals but 3 months from the day you start to slowly transition to veganism, you will see the benefits.

The benefits come in a form of better health, cleaner slate, less guilt, more awareness and awesome new cruelty-free and vegan items you have purchased.

When you have a clear vision of where you want to be and, most importantly, why you want to be there, you will enjoy this transition. Because you will know that every small step you take towards living a vegan lifestyle reflects your deepest values to the world.

The only people who do not enjoy going vegan are those who feel pressured into doing it or are pushed into it or simply aren’t sure of why they actually believe it is morally and ethically wrong to exploit other animals.

Every change is hard. If change were easy everybody would be thriving and shining, but that’s not the case. Most people are afraid of changing their life even if they are currently hating it. They would rather be unhappy than make some changes.

Change challenges you. Change makes you face your fears and doubts. Change tests you. Change is here to teach you how powerful you are capable of being if only you let go and enjoy the process.

But just because changing our habits – or believes and opinions – may be hard and stressful, it doesn’t mean it can’t be enjoyable. It doesn’t mean it cannot be fun and exciting.

Starting to workout is not fun but you are enjoying seeing small changes in and on your body; you are having fun knowing that you are in the process of getting what you desire.

Life is constantly moving and changing and surprising us, nothing is permanent. How amazing that we can decide to change ourselves and not wait for something serious to push us.

Don’t wait for a health scare to start eating more plants. Do what you can today and find the joy in becoming a better version of the human you are.

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