environmentally-friendly things

Are you up for a little challenge?

Today I want to talk about 12 environmentally-friendly things you can start doing in 2020 that will make you more eco-conscious and kinder to our planet Earth.

Our home is in pretty bad shape and as humans are the reason why she is suffering, we kind of have to take responsibility and fix our mess. Or at least do something to help future generations that will have to carry our mistakes on their shoulders and live with them.

The sad thing about humans is that we do bad things and then we look away, pretending we don’t see how they’re affecting others. We are very good at that and it is upsetting because we all suffer yet none of us wants to admit we did it.

It’s all very confusing, upsetting and sad.

Since January is usually the month in which we decide to change our life and upgrade everything about ourselves, what if this time we decide to become environmentalists?

Would you be willing to do that? Great!

Here are 12 environmentally-friendly things you can do in 2020:

  1. January can be the month you invest in a reusable glass water bottle that you can carry with you everywhere you go. I love mine and I drink more water than I ever have before. Good for the environment and good for my body – plus, there are really pretty ones you can get.
  2. In February you can start looking at what products you are buying that are wrapped in plastic and don’t even taste that good. Can you find an alternative? A more eco-friendly version that also tastes better?
  3. March is perfect for going shopping and getting some spring pieces that you will wear in the next few months. How about you shop second-hand for a change? Look around at the thrift store in your area and save money and lives of sweatshop workers who kill themselves after producing a millionth white shirt that will be sold in Zara. I wrote about why I try to buy second-hand often here.
  4. April can inspire you to eat more greens and detox your body before the warmer months begin. Check out Kris Carr and see what healthy recipes she is preparing here.
  5. It’s gonna be May! So what can you do in the most confusing month of the year, when it’s not summer yet but calling it spring just sounds a bit too much? Start using cotton bags for shopping, of course! They are super cheap and durable, plus they are an amazing investment and some can look pretty fashionable, too.
  6. Do you like to write down notes and plan your week ahead? Awesome, me too. But you know how I manage to write down tasks and be eco-friendly at the same time? I went digital and started using Trello. I think June is a perfect month to start your account, don’t you?
  7. July mornings are amazing for working on your garden and taking care of the plants that grow there. I suggest you plant a fruit tree or two and do your two cents in creating oxygen for future humans. Not to mention, there is absolutely nothing better than picking apples from a tree and eating them right there and then.
  8. Don’t you just love riding your bike in August? The sun on your skin, the wind in your hair, the muscles you feel tightening up when you are exploring nature and paths you haven’t come across yet. Forget about cars for a few weeks and use your bike or walk to places you want to visit.
  9. If you brush your teeth every day, and I would hope you do it twice, then you most likely need a new toothbrush. Am I right? I knew it! I got mine for 2€, and the best part? It’s made from bamboo and it is recyclable and absolutely eco-friendly. Let September be the month you get eco-friendly in your bathroom, too.
  10. In October we get all spooky, scary and we go trick or treating (unless you live where I live, we don’t do that here). Usually, I assume you give out candy and chocolate and bonbons, right? So much plastic when you think about it. This year you can perhaps try giving out fruit or making candy (like Monica) by yourself, OR inviting kids for a bite of pumpkin pie in the warmth of your home (just don’t be creepy).
  11. November is a calm month. Very peaceful and relaxing – the time of year when people settle in their homes and prepare for the craziness that is coming in the upcoming Holidays. These few weeks can be used to go through the mess you have in your home. Get rid of everything you don’t need in order to breathe better and have more space in your room. Have you considered becoming a minimalist? Here is a great documentary you might like.
  12. All the glitz and sparkling start in December. So many presents! So much red and green! So much glitter! Oh, so much glitter, this tiny plastic that ends up in the oceans and in the stomach of the innocent beings who want nothing to do with our insane world. Can you try using a biodegradable glitter… or no glitter at all? Would you be okay with that? For turtles and fish and crabs? Thank you.

Look at us. We are doing so many great things in the world. What a team!

But in all honesty, the next year can be so much fun if you take my challenge and run with it. Imagine ending a year with peace in your heart, knowing that the planet is a bit cleaner and a whole lot greener because you exist.

I am rooting for you and I hope you will come back one day to tell me all about your exciting, environmentally-friendly year you’ve had.

Climate change is real, pollution kills, and YOU, my darling, can help mama Earth survive.

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environmentally-friendly things