Essential vegan tips that will help you this year.

I wrote a bunch of posts where I share vegan tips with you, but I want to focus on this year and what I believe we must do in 2019, to create healthy and beautiful vegan lifestyles.

I’ve decided to share with you a few essential vegan tips and help you get your bum moving in the direction of healthy veganism.

If you want to go vegan for other animals, you are right where you need to be because my whole focus is to help those who want to change their lives for our fellow animals – and the environment, but animals always first.

These few tips that I put together will hopefully help you make progress as an activist and as a vegan.

I want you to find inspiration and motivation to move forward and create some incredible changes this year that will save a lot of lives.

Here are essential vegan tips for 2019:

  • Make your health a priority. When you feel better, you are able to do better. If your heart is healthy and your mind is not causing you too much trouble, then you are able to do much greater things for others. Eat healthy plant-based foods, meditate a few days a week, and move your body every day.
  • Start eating healthier meals, so that you will have enough energy and stamina to fight for animal rights. Instead of eating too much highly processed vegan foods, such as meats and cheeses, eat more soups, rice and different types of pasta. Follow me on Instagram for inspiration on what to eat.
  • If you are just starting out, try going vegetarian for a week, if that is easier for you, and then go fully plant-based. I think it gets easier when you slowly remove animal products from your diet. But, if you insist on going vegan overnight, read my post about how to go fully vegan in 24 hours here.
  • If you receive ignorant comments due to being vegan, ignore them and turn away. Seriously, do not give them the attention they crave. If you want to know my best tips on how to deal with haters, here is a post I wrote.
  • Every day spend at least 10 minutes learning about veganism and animal rights. Trust me, basic knowledge is necessary. When you know more, you can give more and, therefore, inspire more people with what you know. It also gives you confidence if you know the basics.
  • If you are an animal parent, make sure to upgrade your parenting skills and pamper the heck out of the animals you share your life with. They deserve it. Cook for them, hug them tightly, play with them, bring them treats… do your best to be the best parent you can be.
  • Support vegan brands and help them grow. Recommend their products to your friends and have monthly dinners where you spread the awareness for awesome vegan food brands. You never know when someone will have a light-bulb moment and switch to eating plants because that vegan sausage was so damn good. You just never know. My non-vegan friend loves Alpro and Veganz, as does my non-vegan sister.
  • Give meditation a try and clear your mind. There is so much going on in our heads, so get focused on your breathing for at least 10 minutes a day. The results will be spectacular. Here is a post with all the resources you need to start this beautiful practice.
  • Instead of responding to negative comments out of frustration and fear, answer them from a place of love and compassion. Trust that your loving response will trigger their positivity and help them see the nonsense they are spreading. Or just ignore them and talk to people who are kind and nice.
  • Start cooking more delicious vegan meals and inviting more people over. Good food can make anyone fall in love with you. And what you believe in. So cook good vegan food and spread the message of compassion towards all beings through yummy plates of food. If you need inspiration, follow my Pinterest board where I share delicious plant-based recipes.
  • Find your activist voice and start standing up for animal rights in a way that inspires you and makes you feel confident and valuable. Use your talents for good. Write songs, write books, create videos, paint, draw, cook, bake, do something. If you are an introvert, here are a few ideas for you.
  • Trust that people are good at heart and are not trying to deliberately harm other animals. Have faith in your voice and in the voices of other amazing animal rights activists. To learn how to become an animal rights activist, read this post.
  • Every day ask yourself what you can do today to help one animal. It always starts with one. How can you help the world today? It doesn’t have to be a big thing.

As January ends, I want to remind you that we are making a difference for other animals. It may not seem like the world is changing, but it is. Every tweet you send out, every Instagram photo that you post, every time you buy plant-based milk, you are making a difference.

And remember that even when you need some time to take care of yourself, there are thousands of people out there, fighting for our fellow animals and helping you make a difference. (Thank you to James Aspey who reminded me of that.)

You are more powerful than you think. You are making a huge difference in the lives of other animals; do not let anyone tell you otherwise. These essential vegan tips are just another step to creating a better lifestyle that will inspire the masses.

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