Ethical veganism? What exactly is that?

Ethical veganism? What exactly is that?

Since I became a vegan I have found myself saying that I am an ethical vegan, even though that is what veganism is. It is about not hurting animals and staying away from facilities and people that do; it is a lifestyle.

But too often we see people talking about veganism as a diet that is good for our health and the environment, and animals are just a secondary reason that we might be a vegan for. We have turned veganism into a mainstream thing, something that people love to talk about but not for the right reason. Something that is edgy and cool, but the second vegans call you out for exploiting the movement for popularity, veganism becomes too strict.

Veganism became a fun, colourful way of spicing up your Instagram page and not a lifestyle that is full of compassion and kindness. People nowadays just say that they are vegan to look better, you know, to pretend that they care for the animals and care about their well being.

You might argue with me, that’s okay but I truly believe that there are certain things (such as racism and veganism) where you cannot be just half in. You cannot be a fighter for animal rights if you do not fight for pig’s rights and you cannot be for equality between all races if you only do it because of black people and not counting other races as well. There is not half doing in important issues that mankind has started and mankind can stop.

You can either be vegan or plant-based (read my post on the difference between the two here).

I do not and I will not accept a vegan that rides horses, eats honey and wears silk. You are not a vegan if you do those things. And if you are one of those – radical, as some would say – vegans like I am then you get called an extremist or people, try to find things that you are not doing; they don’t understand.

Ethical veganism IS veganism, it is not a form of it, it just is veganism. My dad often tells me to appreciate the little effort people do when they go vegetarian – because that’s how I started – or to be more accepting of people who still ride horses and visit ZOOs, but I cannot do it.

There is a difference between someone who is still transitioning to a vegan lifestyle and someone who uses veganism as a cover, or simply uses the name but doesn’t take any action to live up to it.

If you are wondering what is wrong with going to the ZOO, read this post.

Ethical veganism is veganism and it means that we do not consume anything that comes from an animal, we do not wear anything that came from an animal (suede, wool, silk, cashmere, leather, fur etc.), we do not support animal prisons and places where they are used to entertain people (ZOO, aquarium, terrarium, circus, bullfighting etc.), we do not buy (or try to avoid at any cost as much as we can depending on where we live) products that were tested on animals and that contain animal products in them, we do not support movies/music videos where it was evident that animals were trained to be a part of it (this needs a discussion, because it depends on an animal and why/how they were used) and many other things.

Ethical veganism is veganism. Not a form of it.

Let me know in the comments why do you think ethical veganism has become an extreme way of protecting animals, while veganism itself turned into a diet.

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