european vegan beauty brands

A few months ago I shared with you my all-time favorite hair conditioner LanghaarMadchen that I swear by.

It’s still my favorite and I recommend it to everyone who wants to be good to their fellow animals and themselves, but today I also want to talk about the shampoo I use and adore because the two work wonders together.

I am so not a girly girl and I wish I was because I really enjoy all the pretty products, but I grew into someone that just isn’t into these things. That doesn’t keep me away from finding brands that I think are the best, though, and Afrodita and LanghaarMadchen are 2 that I just need in my life.

Afrodita has these beautiful shampoos that are silicone-free and vegan, and right now I am using the one for damaged hair with greater burdock.

I love that the bottle lasts me for a few weeks because it costs about 2.50€ and compared to other vegan shampoos, that are so much smaller, this one fits my budget and my needs.

afrodita shampoo čičak

It doesn’t make my hair feel heavy and since I wash them every day I just love that my scalp is not itchy and my hair is in good shape even if I only use water on the second day. Not to mention it smells delicious and looks pretty.

Plus, the whole Afrodita brand offers so many great products for your whole body – and many of them are vegan as well!

And the conditioner I use? LanghaarMadchen, of course – I wrote about it here.

I love how it makes my hair so smooth and light after using it – not to mention that it smells good. Another thing that I love is that it’s not too thick so you don’t need to use too much of it to cover your whole head.

langhaar madchen conditioner

I think that we don’t need to be into beauty and fashion to want to look good and feel good in our skin. Hair is such an important piece of how we express ourselves that taking care of it should be a priority.

For such a long time I thought I didn’t deserve to feel and look good, but slowly I started taking small steps towards self-care. Finding brands that support my values was something that just came naturally.

I also love the feeling of knowing I don’t have to try a thousand other brands because I finally found something that works for my hair.

Another thing I care about is supporting European brands that are (at least) mostly vegan, which also means cruelty-free. There are so many massive brands that come from the US or Asia that we forget our continent has great products as well. The best part about it? They are usually much, much healthier for us.

If you want to know what other products I am using and if you want useful tips and advice on how to live a healthy vegan lifestyle please follow me on Instagram.


european vegan beauty brands