everything is impermanent

A few months ago I went to the cinema with my sister and realized my sight has gotten worse.

I found myself not enjoying the movie because all I could think about was what if I go blind. What will I do if I lose my sight?

I kept on worrying about what might happen in the future. The thoughts didn’t leave my mind for days.

But then I became mindful of my emotions and how I was lost in this circle of worry and fear. And it hit me right there and then, while I was reading a book about impermanence, that my sight would have gone bad eventually anyway.

One day my hair will turn grey and my back will grow bent. I will have trouble hearing and I will not be such a quick walker anymore. One day my body, that I now work hard to keep healthy and fit, will start dying and shutting down and I will have no control over it.

Everything is impermanent.

You will surf on the waves of success one day and the next day you will find yourself questioning if your career is really making you happy.

You will fall in love and feel like everything is right in the world and then they will tell you they have fallen out of love with you.

You will go for a lovely hike with your dog one evening and the next morning you will find their lifeless body on the floor.

Life changes all the time. It’s changing as your eyes are scanning these words. By the time you finish reading everything will be drastically different.

But often we don’t see these changes because they are not that big. Unless they catch our attention we don’t see how different they are.

That’s because the mind convinced you that some things are more important than others, therefore, one set of changes is worth noticing and being upset –or excited – over while the other set of changes does not matter.

I find it absurd that I spend so much time thinking of what could’ve been or what should’ve been. The thoughts keep coming and occupying my mind – bullying me into giving them attention and playing with them.

But what can I do?

Life is impermanent. You are impermanent.

Everything you love, desire and own will one day be gone. Your lover will leave. Your favorite shirt will get ruined. Your idol will die. You will grow old.

Life is beautiful like that because if things get worse eventually due to their impermanence it also means things will get better. After all, nothing can remain forever, not even suffering.

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everything is impermanent