Do you accept guest posts? Depends on how good your pitch is.

How and why did you went vegan? I went vegetarian in April 2014 and I went vegan on March 4th 2015. I am vegan for the animals and plant based for the environment and health.

Do you shop ethically (second hand, fair trade)? I try to buy second hand most of the time and I avoid certain food brands that have a bad reputation.

Are you religious? I am an atheist.

Where do you stand on the political spectrum? On the Left but leaning to the centre. Mostly Independent as it gives me the liberty to form my own opinions. I vote for people not for parties.

How many languages do you speak? I speak fluently Slovenian, English and Spanish. I can also speak conversational Brazilian Portuguese and a little bit of Croatian. You can learn more about the languages that I speak by reading this post.

Mind sharing a few blogging resources? I use Pexels, iPiccy, Pixlr and Canva. I am also an avid user of Evernote.

How do you pronounce your name? Tan-ya Ju as Yu, R as the Russian R, G as in Go, E as in Enemy, and C as in Tsunami.