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I’ve been a culé for a bit over a decade.

I fell in love with Barcelona before Pep helped us reach the stars and before the world celebrated FC Barcelona in a way it does now. I was there before Messi was Messi and before masses started to witness his magic.

This club has brought me so much joy over the years, mixed with tears when we lost important games and anger when our manager forgot how to lead a group of highly talented individuals.

But it’s in these past few years that I noticed how great Barça is at creating a brand people love and admire. How great they are at managing their website, social media and every single piece of content they create.

Not only are they giving us a sneak peek into the lives of football players we admire, but they show us their intimate side through interviews, games and challenges. We are constantly falling in love with Ter Stegen, Griezmann and Suarez because through social media they now appear approachable.

Georgina Léger has seriously the best job in the world and I would do anything to be in her position, but since I am not (and probably never will be) I want to look at how she, and other amazing people at Barça, create this beautiful brand that no other club has managed to beat.

As a blogger, I am always looking for inspiration and FC Barcelona is currently my number one source of it.

Here is what FC Barcelona taught me about blogging:

  • Put a human face on a brand.

With Georgina Léger leading the way, we are always happy to see her smile and feel her energy. It makes us excited to watch Instagram Stories or a video from their travels because we know it won’t be just a compilation of best goals but an actual human that will tell us what’s happening on the pitch or behind the scenes through stories and anecdotes.

  • When creating content, ask your audience what it wants.

Are we interested in what’s happening on the training ground or in the wardrobe? Can we choose? Why yes we can. Barça is constantly talking to us, asking us questions and interacting with the fans. It makes us feel heard and seen – and that’s everything we want to experience as an audience.

  • Create native content and acknowledge the differences between platforms.

YouTube is the place where I see my team train, give interviews, score goals and do fun challenges, on Twitter I am closely following the news about the latest match and who is promoted to the first team, while Instagram brings me behind the scenes of the stadium they are playing at. You need to know what people expect to find on each platform and then deliver.

  • Keep up with the trends, or create better ones.

There are so many challenge videos with the players that you can watch on YouTube. How would they describe their teammates with emojis? Find out here. How much do they know about Japan? Let’s see them answer questions in this video. People watch these challenges by Barça because they are unique and make us feel more connected to our players – after all, they are humans too and we want to see them be one.

A good brand is more than just a logo and colors that remind you of them. It’s the feeling you get when faced with a piece of content, a person you think of when seeing a photo.

Being a fan of the club is more than just what players are currently on the pitch, it’s about what the club represents and what values it has – the history that runs through it.

I am loyal to a club, not the players.

That’s why Barça’s brand wins me over every time. Because no matter who is currently on our team, I feel the same emotions whether I am looking at someone who trained at La Masia or someone who came from another continent.

As bloggers and content creators, we must learn from the best and there are currently very few people and companies that manage to dominate branding as well as FC Barcelona does.

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fc barcelona