feeling empty

Sometimes emptiness arrives overnight and sometimes I can feel it slowly approaching for weeks before it finally consumes me.

It’s scary and I hate when I am completely in it, but it’s something I had to accept. After years of being afraid of what I was (or wasn’t) feeling, I had to come to terms with a simple fact: I go through phases and while the highs are usually very high, the lows are sometimes unbearable, and that’s okay.

Today I want to share with you some things I do when I lack most emotions, sort of, and I feel like a robot (I know some of you know what I mean). They are not always easy to do but I make sure I at least give them a try.

When emptiness comes and you feel numb and emotionless, there are some actions you can take to sail through this phase more mindfully. Maybe it will even pass through you in a shorter time.

Here are some things to do when you are feeling empty:

  • Meditate and use this time of emptiness to really go deep within your mind. Now that your brain is not in a constant state of chaos, you have the time to have a peek and look for who might be there (or not). I use the Waking Up App.
  • Go out in nature and just exist among other forms of life. Again, not being high on emotions can be a gift sometimes as we can be better listeners when in the company of Mama Earth.
  • Write about how it feels when you are falling into the emptiness, or how it feels when you wake up and you find yourself on the other side of the emotional spectrum (high is almost chaotic, while lows can be suicidal). See what comes up for you when you get very honest about what thoughts occupy your mind in different phases you go through.
  • Spend time with people with whom you can sit in quiet and be comfortable with. Sometimes it makes us feel less alone when we are just surrounded by other humans. 

I hope these few tips can help you go through the phase of emptiness with more mindfulness and grace.

I personally prefer the highs because at least I feel motivated and energetic, as the lows tend to get really low and pretty scary at times.

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feeling empty