Figuring life out and choosing yourself.

Figuring life out and choosing yourself.

How often are you told that you should know what you want from life and how you’re planning on getting there? How many people have asked you why you’re still single or why you still live with your parents?

Welcome to adulthood, guys.

I remember when I was about 13 years old and I was taking a test in school. A test that would determine my strengths and weaknesses, basically, a test that would tell me what I should do with my life.

The results came in and I got told that I should not work with people because I am not good with working in groups. A decade later, on my first meeting with my career counsellor, she pulled that test out and told me that I should absolutely not work with people.

I was astonished at the stupidity that she showed, although I quite liked her. I still do.

A test that I took when I was 13 was supposed to guide me throughout my twenties and help me establish a career that a 13-year-old me would be comfortable with.

If you are reading this and you happen to be 18 or younger, and you happen to feel like you are already behind this whole adult thing, let me tell you something:

  • There will be a million things that will happen to you that you won’t have any control over and will have to surrender to them. Your life with take you to places that you never thought existed and I am not talking about the good places. I never planned on getting depression or anxiety, but I had to change my life plans when I did.
  • You will always be behind. There will always be people in your age group that are smarter, better, prettier, more successful, sexier, more comfortable, and more confident and a whole bunch of other things. So instead of spending your Sunday eating chocolate ice-cream and feeling like a loser because your high-school bullies are doing better than you, sit down on your bed, close your eyes, meditate and then come back to you. Because the life that is real for you is yours.
  • You will have to choose you. No one else will give as much shit about you as you can. Sure there will be people, who will love you and want to help you, but they will never be with you 24/7 and that is what makes all the difference. No one will help you if you will not help yourself and no one will save you if you won’t save yourself.

I have read a great amount of self-help and business books in my life. I was eating them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I couldn’t get enough of them. They all pushed me in the corner and kept asking me: what do you want to do?!? I don’t know was the only answer I had.

I still don’t know.

At first, I thought I was the only person who had no idea what they wanted to do. I thought that no one else in the entire world ever questioned their choices and what they wanted to spend their life doing. I thought I was alone.

But we are never alone. There is always a bunch of other people who feel the same way as we do when it comes to everything.

I can’t even tell you how many times I tried to re-brand my website and write about something else. How many times I switched between writing about veganism to writing about mindfulness to writing about anxiety and then back to veganism. I just had no idea what I want to do.

I knew I wanted to write, but for nature’s sake, what on Earth do I want to write about?

So here I am again, for the millionth time I am doing something new. Writing about life in general and not pushing myself to be a vegan writer only. This time I will try to write about what I feel like. I will try to write about things that I remember when I sit behind the computer. If the topic will be veganism, fine, if not, fine as well.

One thing I know is that I will choose me. I always have and I always ended up switching it up after a while. I wanted to act so I signed up for acting classes. After two years, adios mis actores and I moved on. Before that, I was super into entrepreneurship so I attended all the start:up events I could. A few months later, I just wanted a simple life.

I have learned so much about myself in the past 5 years. I have learned that I really do enjoy performing and that I do have some acting talent. I have learned that I really love business and would love to at some point have a company. I have learned also that I like to stay free and do not like to commit to one thing. I’m sure this will be a problem when I meet someone but until then, I want to play!

So, how about you?

  • What do you want to try in the next 4 months? What do you want to do but are afraid that might not fit into your plan?
  • How can you choose yourself today? How can you choose yourself tomorrow?
  • Are you able to commit and stop figuring life out? Are you able to let life just be in you and live through you?

We are in this together. I am just as lost as you are and I am just as confused as you are. If I ever find a solution for our confusion, I will let you know, but until then, I invite you to let life express through you.

Love it. Live it. Leave it. Figuring life out just leaves you exhausted, so don’t bother.

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