Vegan friends are waiting for you. Where to find them?

Vegan friends are waiting for you. Where to find them?

This is one of the biggest problems in the vegan community; not having friends who are vegan and would support your decision to live cruelty-free. It is especially hard when you are a new vegan and you want to discuss all the horrible things you’ve just learned.

I hope this post helps you and that you will soon be surrounded by amazing vegan people who you will be able to count on.

I had no friends for many years and when I went vegan I lost the only friend that I had, but animals matter more to me than people who judge my decision to not harm my friends, so I said goodbye to her and left. Best decision ever when it comes to my personal relationships, plus she was a negative influence on me.

Not having friends left me open for new relationships, and as a new vegan, I was open to new friendships that will arrive. I also knew exactly what type of people I now wanted in my life.

I will give you a list of things that you can do to meet new vegan friends and remember that if you want something – YOU must do it, no one is going to do it for you, so move your bum and start finding friends.

  • There are a lot of Facebook groups where vegans from all over the world talk to each other and search for those who live near them. Find groups of vegans that are based near your town or city and start chatting with them. Respond to their comments, answer their questions, be nice and helpful – that works most of the time, doesn’t it?
  • Tumblr is a great place to meet vegans because there are a bunch of them who are very lovely and very lonely, so they will be open to talking to you. There are even blogs where everyone posts where they are from, so you can befriend them if you live close to each other.
  • Attend vegan festivals or picnics; start talking to people in person and volunteer to help.
  • Find vegans from your city on Instagram. You just search a hashtag #VeganSlovenia or #VeganLondon and you will find a bunch of people that you can follow. Once you are following them it’s up to you if you will ask them out for a coffee or simply comment on their photos to gain their attention (I am on Instagram too, and we can be friends).
  • Attend meetups by popular vegans from social media. I highly doubt you can find one in Slovenia if you live here, but Australia, England and America based vegans seem to be doing a lot of them.

Those are just a few ideas that you can do to meet new vegan friends and connect with those who share the same beliefs. As I said before, you cannot wait for a miracle to happen, you need to go out there and start talking to people first. That is true whether you want to find vegan friends or those who aren’t.

So tell me now, which one of the ideas sounds best to you and which ones are you not sure you will do? As always I will invite you to leave a comment below and chat with me for a bit; we can be friends as well.

And hey, once you befriend a vegan or two, I know you will find yourself in a bit of a weird situation when you won’t know what exactly to gift them when they have a birthday – especially if you suck at picking out presents, like I do – so here is a beautiful post from Tully where she helps you with picking out vegan gifts – What are the best vegan gifts to give?.


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