brand new vegans

Let me start by saying that you are already doing great because I know you are probably feeling overwhelmed by all the changes happening in your life right now.

Today I want to remind you of three things that you need to remember if you want to create a meaningful and sustainable vegan lifestyle that I know you dream about.

I wish someone told me what I’m about to tell you back when I was a newbie, as it would make some things a lot easier and less stressful. But we learn and we grow, and eventually, we take what we know and share it with others – so it all works out in the end.

Before we continue, please make sure you grab my free printable here where I share with you tips on how to go vegan but avoid all the overwhelm that usually comes with it – or at least be better at managing it.


Here are 3 quick reminders for brand new vegans, that I wish I knew when I was in your spot:

  • Focus on progress and small steps.

You can go vegan overnight if you wish, but most don’t. It is completely okay to take small steps towards a vegan lifestyle because even as vegans, we are uncovering more and more compassion every day and making progress. You will never arrive, so it is pointless to be focused on veganism as that big goal you need to reach. The journey towards living a plant-based lifestyle is so exciting when you know that you never really arrive. I wrote this helpful post where I talk about what to do now that you are vegan – I really hope it helps.

  • Take care of yourself before you take care of others.

If you are dead, you can’t help anyone. The way to avoid being a mess is to realize you and only you are a number one priority. This is something I had to learn the hard way, after becoming even more depressed – if that is possible – after going vegan. I knew I had to take my self-care routine to next fucking level and do whatever I could to get myself together. It helped me long-term because I became a better activist and a better communicator. I share a few ideas on how to pamper yourself in this post here.

  • This is much bigger than you.

Whenever things get hard, remember that this is not about you. If you decided to go vegan, it means that you saw injustice and willingly took a step in the direction of living a non-violent life. There are trillions of beautiful souls that are just like you who are suffering and you have the power to save a few of them. Take the responsibility and do whatever you can to be their voice. After all, you won the species lottery; you were born as Homo sapiens.

You are going to have so much fun discovering new recipes, books and documentaries, and also meeting new people and learning about yourself along the way.

It’s always like that, isn’t it? Whether we start a new workout routine or we are learning a foreign language, there is always so much fun involved with implementing new knowledge in our lives. It makes us excited for what’s to come because we are curious beings.

I would love to see you over on my Instagram and Pinterest. I am constantly sharing helpful tips and resources that will make this beautiful journey even more wonderful.

Know that you are doing great things and that long-term you can only expect good results as the seeds you are planting now are positive and sustainable. Now more than ever we need to upgrade our lifestyles to be greener and kinder.


brand new vegans