Free speech doesn’t really exist in 2018 (it never has).

Remember back in the day when you were younger and your parents told you that you live in a free country with free speech, assuming that you actually grew up in a free country with free speech? I remember it clearly.

Sure, I was told that I better start being realistic and stop dreaming of being a famous pop singer because I live in Slovenia, not America, but I was always aware of my privilege; the privilege of being able to speak my mind and not being killed for my opinions and beliefs.

But something changed.

More and more I am aware that free speech not only doesn’t exist but it probably never existed in the first place. And today, in the year 2018, I am even surer of the fact that certain ideas, beliefs and opinions are thrown aside as hate speech even if they are actual facts backed up by science.

The first time I realized that free speech doesn’t exist was a few months ago when I got blocked from posting on Twitter due to the Tweets that I made a year and a half ago about Islam and The Quran. In order to be able to get back my account and be able to post in the future, I had to delete Tweets that were not lies, but stating the truth about what is written in one of the Holy books.

And this continued when I started listening to Ben Shapiro and it hit me that publicly stating that I might agree with a Republican on certain issues and that I might hold a few conservative beliefs, could potentially sabotage my activism. We all know that not aligning perfectly with the Left mindset ruined many careers in the past 2 years.

Just look at Kanye West today and how judged he is for simply stating that he might like Trump and for listening to Candace Owens. He is being treated like garbage; his peers are actually treating him as a mentally ill person, simply for learning about the Republican Party and being interested in the other side. I watched a few videos of Candace Owens and I agreed with her on certain points. Does that make me mentally unstable as well?

And if we do talk about Trump – because everyone does it so might as well talk about him here too-, why do we have to compare him to Hitler? I am not a proponent of his ideas and I do not think he is suitable to be the President of America, yet I have never thought of him as Hitler. You know why? Because I actually know what Hitler did and that it is extremely disrespectful to compare an unintelligent douche bag to a mass killer who murdered millions of people.

Everything is racist and sexist in America. The country has been falling apart ever since Donald Trump became the president; but it’s not falling apart because of him, per se, but because of people who hate him.

People are not allowed to talk about anything if Liberals don’t approve of it. If Beyonce or Chrissy Teigen don’t agree with you, then why the fuck would you ever even consider having the thought in your head in the first place? Free speech exists only when Hilary Clinton agrees with you and hate speech is anything that will piss off a Sharia Law supporting gender-fluid feminist that is celebrated by the Left.

Do you want to make it on the Internet and be known as someone who wants to spread kindness and compassion? Well then, you better kiss Obama’s ass and talk about how victimized you feel in this sexist and rape-supporting society of ours.

Free speech exists as long as you don’t say something that people might find offensive; because feelings matter more than facts in today’s world.

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