How to go fully vegan in 24 hours (impossible but possible).

If you are in the mood to go vegan today, you came just to the right place, because I will tell you how to go vegan in 24 hours – sort of.

It is absolutely possible to go vegan in one day but it comes with a catch. What I mean by that is that you can start living vegan right now, or in the next five minutes, but you will not suddenly transform your life. And sadly that is what most people expect.

In one day you can:

  • Switch from eating animals to eating plants. Learn here why eating plant-based is super healthy.
  • Go from looking at animals as things to seeing them as individuals with a personality.
  • Start making more conscious choices.

What you cannot do in one day:

  • You cannot switch all of your beauty and cleaning products to be fully vegan and cruelty-free.
  • You cannot reverse your diseases and become healthier.
  • You cannot get rid of all the non-vegan items in your home.

Which is totally OK.

Because being vegan is not about being perfect right away – or ever – but it’s about making progress and doing our best at every given moment.

  • Being vegan is about voting with our money.
  • Being vegan is about speaking up for those who are not heard.
  • Being vegan is about making compassionate choices.
  • Being vegan is about choosing life over death.
  • Being vegan is about taking small steps in the direction of kindness and equality.

I have been vegan for almost three years now and – as I mentioned a couple of times – I still do not buy vegan and CF products all the time. I am not able to do that 100% of the time, so I rather focus on what I can do instead of judging myself for not being perfect.

That doesn’t mean that I am not aware of what I am doing and supporting. I absolutely am. But at the same time, I am cheering for myself for being open to change and open to love, because if I wouldn’t be I would still be eating the flesh of innocent animals and be taking photos of them in little cages.

Anyway, you want to know how to go fully vegan in just 24 hours, okay, I will tell you:

The trick lies in deciding.


You thought it’s something bigger? Well, it’s not and I’ve been hinting at this since you started reading.

It’s all about deciding that we will change.

But you can also:

  • Watch Earthlings and learn about what animals have to go through so that people can eat meat, drink milk, wear fancy cosmetic brands, and entertain themselves while observing penguins at a ZOO in America.
  • Watch Cowspiracy and learn about how animal agriculture is the main cause of climate change and how big corporations and organizations are avoiding talking about the issue. It opened my eyes and it made me fully aware of how my food preferences are harming our mother Earth.
  • Watch What the Health and learn about how a low-fat plant-based diet is the best diet for your health and how your body suffers from you eating animal products. The studies that support the claims of the doctors in the documentary are all proven by science and not funded by the meat, egg or the dairy industry.
  • You can binge watch educational videos from amazing vegan YouTubers like Mic. The Vegan, Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, and James Aspey.
  • Borrow or buy books that are about vegan nutrition and ethics. One of the best vegan books will always be My Beef with Meat, as it was the first book I ever read on the topic of veganism and is written beautifully + includes delicious recipes.
  • Go crazy on social media and follow vegans from around the world so that you can feel inspired and motivated every day when you scroll down on Instagram. Some of my favourite accounts that are fully vegan and super inspiring are thecompassionateroadsohamveganlife, jamesaspey, joyfulvegan and of course you can also follow me.

But to get back to my point about how making a decision is the most important thing you can do if you want to go fully vegan in 24 hours.

When you decide that you will change your life and start writing a new book, you send your brain a message that there are no more excuses and no more stops, but you are going in and not looking back. Because if you want to dip your toes in and you are not really sure you want it, you will fail before you can pronounce the word vegan.

Of course, it is perfectly okay if you want to transition slowly, meaning, taking a few months to slowly ditch animal products and add more and more veggies to your diet, but today I am focusing on those who want to go vegan in a day.

So to recap what you read:

  • It’s all about deciding.
  • Then it’s all about learning.
  • And finally, it’s all about committing.

I will leave you with that but I will ask you to leave me a comment where you tell me about your journey to becoming a vegan and how long did it take you. If you are not fully vegan yet, then just tell me where you are from and why you are interested in veganism.


p.s. – Are you interested in learning about the importance of buying second-hand? Read this post here.


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