go vegan because

Lately I’ve been thinking about morality a lot and whether or not we can actually know what is moral and what isn’t.

After all, there are things I know are kind of bad for others yet I continue doing them because they bring me pleasure, or at least they make me feel better.

Aren’t we all doing that? I think we do. We are all selfish motherfuckers who do things because they bring us pleasure.

That’s what’s happening to people who don’t want to quit eating their fellow animals. They know it’s wrong but it brings them too much pleasure for them to quit.

What if I told you, though, that not eating pigs and cows can bring you much more please than eating them?

What if I told you that after a short period of suffering when you stop eating them, you will experience pleasure much stronger than the one you feel when chewing on a steak?

What if I told you that you are saving someone from being brutally slaughtered? What if I told you that your health will improve and you won’t have to risk having high cholesterol and your chances of getting diabetes or cancer will get lower?

What if I told you that in 50 years your quality of life will be good because the world won’t be as drastically bad as we are promised it will be if we don’t change our bad habits, eating animals included?

What if you could make yourself feel better mentally and physically, while also protecting the planet that you live on, if only you start eating a whole food plant-based diet?

Can you risk a few weeks of suffering and craving and detoxing to then experience pleasure you haven’t felt before?

If you don’t believe that you can feel more pleasure not eating other animals, can you be absolutely sure that I am not correct? You have never been vegan, so can you know for sure that the pleasure you are feeling now is greater than the one you could feel?

Just some food for thought – probably my favorite type of food.

Maybe we can’t know for sure what is right and what is wrong, but we can know what brings us more pleasure and that’s what we are all looking for, isn’t it?

I’m not a philosopher but I try to think about morality from a logical perspective.

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go vegan because