So, my lovely. You have decided to go vegan. That is the most beautiful thing I have ever heard.

I think the first few months of being vegan are the most exciting months one can experience. There is a lot of learning and trying out, playing around and tons of reading. And the books are awesome.

You rediscover yourself, your values and your beliefs. You take yourself on a journey where you will get clear on how you want to live and what you want to give back to life that you have.

I wanted to create a big vegan checklist that would contain everything I believe vegans should check off in the first few months.

Of course, that is absolutely not necessary and you do NOT need to do everything that I say, but it’s what helped me and what I did, so maybe it would do some good for you too.

I think there are the basics – like watching a few graphic videos and reading at least one book on plant-based nutrition – but there is more than that.

I want to share with you all the things I personally did that might help you, too.

So here it is, my vegan checklist for you:

  • Get clear on your WHY. Why do you want to go vegan? Why is it important to you that you stop exploiting animals? Without your why you will quit before you even try all the vegan goodies. Knowing the reasons behind your new lifestyle will inspire you to make a bigger difference in the world, and if things get hard, you will always know that what you are doing is important to you. If you have no idea where to start no need to worry as I have two free worksheets for you here that you can work with to find your why.
  • Watch Earthlings and see the horrors animal have to go through. Trust me, seeing this documentary is necessary when you go vegan. It helps you not go back in times of cravings and pressure from others. It is very graphic and very horrible, but knowing the truth gives you the power to transform the lives of many animals that have to suffer every single second of the day.
  • Read How Not to Die by Dr Michael Greger. Just please do it. It is the holy book of plant-based nutrition and it will help you stay healthy and full of energy on this compassionate journey.
  • Buy B12 pills or a spray. You need to take B12, okay hun? When you read How Not to Die, you will know what B12 is and why you need it, so another good reason to really take time and read the book in the following weeks.
  • Watch Cowspiracy and learn about how much good you will be doing for our planet with your new lifestyle.
  • Stop being afraid of carbs and carb up. You need to start eating more now. The myth that potatoes and rice are bad for you has to be stopped and forgotten because people are literally starving themselves out of fear of getting fat.
  • Find vegan organizations in your city (or country) and get in touch with them. Or simply follow them on social media to know what’s new. It truly helps knowing there are groups of vegans near you that you can connect with.
  • Have a talk with your parents and friends, and kindly let them know that you will not be accepting any bullshit from them. If they want to insult you or make fun of your lifestyle, they can piss off. But seriously, be firm with them! The first few months are challenging for so many new vegans and you will need support and encouragement from people you love.
  • Accept that the first few months will probably be a bit harder and your body will most definitely go through a detox. It’s normal, it won’t last forever. (While you are at it though, you can challenge yourself to go through a mind detox as well – read about it here.)
  • Another great book to read is Skinny Bitch. And no, it’s not only for women; it’s actually very, very good and men can benefit tons from it as well. I read it in a day back when I was new at this whole vegan thing and it really fired me up and inspired me to eat more healthy foods and really watch what I put in my mouth.
  • Get rid of any non-vegan items that you still have. Not necessary to do but it feels good for the heart. It’s up to you though; you can still use it until it is good. Now you have the opportunity to try different vegan brands and go shopping more often (but in second-hand shops, of course).
  • Seriously, read How Not to Die at least twice. Or opt for an easier book, like My Beef with Meat. It’s also a great book and it is the first book I ever read on the topic of eating plants.
  • Print out a list of vegan and cruelty-free beauty and cleaning products, so that you will have an easier time at a store the next time you go buy a shampoo or a detergent. If you are looking for beauty products, I HIGHLY recommend the brand Alverde. They are the best and I buy everything from them; from shampoo to a foundation and all things makeup.

Right, that would be it. I hope you liked my vegan checklist and let me know in the comments once you do them all.

It took me 11 months to fully transition and start living a vegan lifestyle and all these things I put on my checklist are things that helped me tremendously.

Let me know what you thought about it and chat with me Instagram, okay? I am very active there but I also use Pinterest to pin great recipes and gorgeous photos of animals, so if you are into Pinterest… catch me there?


p.s. – Now that you have your vegan checklist, you can move on and read my post with essential vegan tips right here.