Going Vegan – Discover new recipes that you will love

When I went vegan almost two years ago, I remember feeling completely lost when I thought about eating and cooking. I had absolutely no idea about what I will eat from then on. If it wouldn’t be for my dad, who went vegan soon after I did, I would probably be living off of salads and apples.

When you start a new lifestyle and your diet completely changes, it’s necessary to discover new recipes – especially when going vegan.

Where to look for to find new recipes? Why everywhere. There are absolutely tons of books about eating plant-based in your local library and if you are 100% sure that there aren’t, you always have the internet. There is nothing easier than to find vegan recipes online; you can stumble upon them on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube… pretty much on every social media.

What if you don’t like to cook? That is me; that question is my life because I do not like to cook at all. I enjoy making an apple strudel or rice, but actually standing there and chopping vegetables – not my cup of tea. I suggest you do three things if you are not a passionate cook – a) find easy recipes that won’t take much time or skill to make, b)  find someone that will cook for you or c) deal with it, do it, cook it and nourish yourself.

I know it sucks when you really don’t like to cook but think of it like that – you must eat. That’s it. That’s the whole thing. You need to eat, so suck it up and make some pasta with basil and tomato. I mean, even I like to see the face my dad makes when he realizes I have made my signature pasta.

Find what type of cuisine you like (mine is Italian, I grew up on Mediterranean food) and then learn how to make the whole process enjoyable. I love listening to Niall Horan and sing out loud; it makes me a little bit happier.

But can’t you just eat salads all day long? That can work in the summertime, but you will get tired after a while because you won’t be getting all the nutrients, it’s not going to fill you up like carbs would, and it just sucks to eat salads all day, every day.

I picked some yummy recipes for you.

I hope I helped you out a bit and gave you an idea or two about what to make for dinner tomorrow.

Remember to treat yourself with love and compassion, meaning that you should eat good food that will fill you up and nourish you. Avoid processed foods and frozen lasagnas, because they will only make you fat and sick if you eat them every single day. Rather make a good homemade lasagna with healthy ingredients and without all the nasty things they put in them.

That reminds me of a blog post that I wrote a while ago, its called Veganism for Busy People.

Let me know in the comment below if you are in love with cooking or you don’t like it at all. Also, give a tip or two to those who are struggling with eating healthy on a vegan lifestyle, because they hate spending time preparing meals.

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Going Vegan – Discover new recipes that you will love

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