going vegan in 2020

Can you smell the year 2020?

It smells like environmentalism, plant-based companies breaking records, and people waking up and taking responsibility for being the worst species to roam this planet – be honest, we really are the worst.

I know you’ve been thinking about going vegan and upgrading your lifestyle. It’s because you have a huge heart and are conscious of all the evil animal agriculture creates.

That’s why I want to take this opportunity when I have you here, to share with you 10 tips that will surely be helpful when you decide that you are going vegan in 2020.

I wrote hundreds of posts about how to go plant-based, how to stay vegan and how to handle all the changes you encounter when transitioning, but fuck reading every single post I ever published, right?

Let’s create some small bites that you can chew on and let’s help you get your ass moving in the right direction. Are you in?

Here are 10 tips for everyone who is going vegan in 2020:

  1. Take it slowly and don’t rush to live a vegan lifestyle if it makes you panic. In Slovenia, we say Počasi se daleč pride which basically means that if you go slowly you go far. I know you hear it all the time that you should change your diet overnight but for most of us, that just doesn’t work.
  2. Join communities and be very active in finding your vegan tribe. It might take years before you find your own group of vegan buddies but it will be so worth it. Put yourself out there, be of help and the right people will want to be around you.
  3. Follow vegans on social media, like me on Instagram, and get inspired by long-term vegans who can share some helpful advice with you.
  4. Start a meditation practice to learn how to handle all the new intense emotions you will most likely experience when learning about animal abuse. I use the Waking Up meditation app.
  5. Eat a lot of food! Plants are less dense in calories so you need to eat waaay more food than you are used of. I have tons of meal ideas on my saved Insta Stories here.
  6. Read books about plant-based nutrition. Here are just a few of my favourite books.
  7. When it will get tough, and it will get tough, make sure that you are taking care of yourself. You are a priority so pamper the heck out of yourself.
  8. Take Vitamin B12 supplements.
  9. Get very clear on why you want to live a vegan lifestyle. I see too many people who go back to eating their fellow animals simply because they had no strong connection to vegan ethics.
  10. Your body will go through a detox, so drink plenty of water, eat fresh veggies and fruit, and please make sure you sweat at least once a day. Oh, and drink water but I already said that haven’t I?

Make sure that when you start this new phase in your life, you do it with good intentions.

It’s not a goal to achieve; it’s a philosophy to live by, a bonus to your already full life. I am still evolving and becoming a better person. My life didn’t stop when I went vegan 5 years ago – I am constantly improving and upgrading.

I truly want every single person who is reading this to know that vegans are not half as weird or mean as we are portrayed by the media. It’s just that when you do something the majority of people disagree with – even if it’s morally superior – you will receive hate and pushback.

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going vegan in 2020