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Four years ago I was right where you are right now – alone, confused and eager to do something for my fellow animals. But I had no idea how will I do it, I just knew I wanted to become a vegan and be as compassionate as I can be.

Going vegan can be a very challenging time for people and the transition isn’t always as lovely as some promise it will be, so I am here to give you a few useful tips on what might work best for you and how you can transition.

The advice that I give to everyone, and that I have repeated on my website in the past, is to educate yourself. The most important thing you can do for your own sake is to learn as much as you can about the vegan lifestyle and how to live it. I have seen so many people break after a while and go back to eating animals, all because they weren’t able to sustain a healthy vegan lifestyle that was promised to them.

It doesn’t have to be like that with you, you can thrive on a plant-based diet and you can conquer everything as a compassionate human leading a kind lifestyle. Read books and watch videos – learn! I created a whole list of vegan movies and documentaries here so that you can learn new things. The more you know the better you will live your life and it always helps to know what to advise someone who is wondering about the vegan lifestyle.

The other tip that I recommend is to find a mentor or someone from a vegan community that is willing to guide you through the first few weeks of going vegan. It is incredibly important to have someone who has experienced what you are going through right now, so I encourage you to contact anyone that you have knowledge of being vegan.

Have you been following someone on Instagram that you really admire? Perhaps you have encountered a lovely vegan on Facebook and you really feel inspired by how they live their life. Message them and ask them to mentor you for a few months; you will find that most will be very happy to help, but first, you must find the courage to ask.

One thing that I am also very passionate about is to not rush into something new right away. If you are just gaining knowledge and have only stopped eating meat or dairy, you might want to first adjust to that and continue next week. I wrote about taking small steps first here.

I know that some may not agree with me, as even I can be very demanding of new vegans to change their lifestyle right away, but I have learned that you can help more animals by transitioning to a vegan lifestyle if you take four months to adjust and educate about everything, while going vegan through night is usually, a) impossible for the majority and b) puts a lot of pressure on your shoulders that you are not guaranteed to hold.

Going vegan in a shocking amount of time can actually turn you off and make veganism seem very hard while taking a few weeks can help you understand the movement and the lifestyle a lot better. Plus, you have the time to learn all the useful tips that will help you long-term.

My last tip for people who are going vegan is to search for kindness everywhere. When you are suddenly thrown into a world where animals are actually living a horrible lifestyle, completely contrary to what you have been led to believe, you can become depressed and negative (I did). It is so easy to become a loner and get a negative view of the world, but life can be much better than that.

I for one lost my best friend who stopped talking to me once I became a vegan, we have been on the rocks for years, but veganism has been the final straw, so I had to deal with being alone and then depression kicked in, just when I thought I was over it. It was quite stressful; therefore I don’t want you to make the same mistake of losing your hope.

I truly hope you have been able to find something that will benefit you in your transition to a vegan lifestyle because I really do believe that anyone can be vegan and it doesn’t have to be hard. Every change takes time and if you have people who support you (like me) and cheer for you (like me), you are more likely to successfully start a new chapter in your book of life.

I wish you nothing but the best and I ask you to leave me in the comment section one reason why you went vegan and what your biggest motivation is. Also, which one of these useful tips did you find most valuable?

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useful tips