Hi lovely!

As a writer, I serve all of you who are reading my posts and my eBooks. I am dedicated to helping people transform their lives and become happier.

I get it – you went vegan, started preaching to animal eaters around you and suddenly you found yourself lost in the middle of nowhere, with no friends to give you a hand. Its so easy for us, vegans, to become angry and risk our friendships to people we love, just because we judged them too quicky.

I love this eBook because it contains all the tips and tricks that I use on a daily basis to effectively communicate with non vegans and teach them about the vegan lifestyle. It helps vegans create better relationships, reach more people and feel content when they fall asleep.

How much are your relationships worth to you? 

If you are anything like me, you put a lot of time, respect and love into your relationships and you want to continue having your loved ones close to you. You probably already know that being vegan means living a different lifestyle than most people around you, and that can cause issues. In Happy Vegan Angry Vegan, I put my knowledge on the paper and created an eBook full of resources and tips for better communication with those who are not vegan.

What would it feel like to have freedom from anger and sadness? What would it feel like if you could stand up for animal rights and still feel happy in your day to day life?

I can help. I went from an angry vegan to a happy vegan in just a few short months. My life literally changed the second I started seeing opportunities in people who I previously judged.

Finally you can learn how to talk to your friends, family, children and how to take care of your own heart, so that you can more effectively help the animals that need you.

Yes, you can now restart your vegan journey.