Today I will talk about why it is better to be among happy vegans instead of angry vegans.

happy vegans

I am passionate about making vegans a happier group of people. I love seeing vegans who share the vegan message through all kinds of stuff; from fashion hauls and make up tutorials, to creating documentaries and posting vegan recipes on Instagram. The truth is that we all resonate with a different message and someone will go vegan due to their yoga teacher showing them how to live compassionately, or they will hear about it from their vegan hairdresser that only uses vegan products in her salon.

I went vegan after doing a presentation on animal welfare and I stumbled upon some bloody photos of farm animals being slaughtered. I watched a few videos by Gary Yourofsky and a documentary Earthlings, and for me the angry vegan way worked. I needed someone to scream at me through a YouTube video and to show me how baby calves are killed. Hey, we are all different.

I am all in when it comes to people doing what they love but I am more passionate about them sharing the message with love and kindness. Now don’t get me wrong, I lose my shit and argue with people on Facebook sometimes and I definitely do not always feel any good vibes between me and animal eaters, even if they are my mates in an acting school or a best friend of 20 years. I may be friends with someone without always feeling the pure loving vibe between us.

I used to hate the way I felt; back when I was super into New Age stuff I would feel like a piece of shit for not respecting everyone, but then I opened my eyes and I saw humanity for what it really is. I realized that I can either be a happy person that spreads happy energy, while not wanting to be best friends with non vegans, OR I can be an unhappy person that spreads negative energy and argues with animal eaters.

I prefer being the first person. The one that is aware of who she wants in her close circle of friends yet still realizes that the only way she will change the world is by spreading the good vibes. I feel like people think that I love everyone and I meditate with all humans in my mind. As if. But just because I don’t want to hang out with you, doesn’t mean I hate you.

I don’t hate anyone.

I feel hate towards some people but I don’t have a hate rope attached to anyone. It’s too much to handle and I don’t want to create cancer just because awful people exist. How will I save the planet if I am sick due to hate in my heart? Can’t fucking do it (imagine Chris Rock saying this).

If you want to throw paint on Kim Kardashian because she is wearing a fur coat – go ahead, do it. Will it help the animals? Not in my opinion. The only thing people will get from this message is how fucking mean vegans are. People already think we are fucking terrorists and a cult; let’s not give them even more reasons okay?

I always say, that if you get angry at someone, do it at home and let it all out when you are alone. When I say be a happy vegan, I don’t mean that you must hug everyone and bless their precious little heart; what I mean is that you should respond in a respective tone and then deal with the anger at home. Not everyone is going to be on the Sam Harris level when debating crazy individuals but we can all try our best (seriously, that man is on another level; not only is he my favorite alongside Richard Dawkins but he is always super calm when debating people).

Note – I don’t mean that you shouldn’t protest or film videos of pigs being on their way to a slaughterhouse – that’s okay! What I mean when I say – be a happy vegan, is that you acknowledge that for the sake of all the animals that are about to be slaughtered in the next 5 minutes, you try and be someone others will actually want to talk to. People just don’t want to listen about animal slaughter from someone that is crying and shouting at them. They just don’t. Angry vegans are so 2007.

  • Share the vegan message in a loving way. Whether you are teaching people how to cook vegan dishes, what beauty brands are CF + vegan AND totally affordable, or you are a photographer taking photos of animals at the ZOO. What are your talents? What are you good at? Use your talents to spread the vegan message; don’t do what everyone else is doing. Spread the love and do what you love.
  • Ignore the haters or choose to respond to them when you are relaxed. Use that one mean comment under your Instagram photo to educate someone who will read it. You are absolutely not required to debate someone if you do not feel comfortable doing so, but you certainly must stay calm and collected; do not show that they hurt you. Haters love to hurt others and you must stay strong for the animals. As strong as you can be; we all know that it’s hard not to cry when you are a vegan.
  • Meditate and do yoga. Spend time in nature. Dance. Play with animals. Laugh. Watch stand up (I loooove Jack Whitehall and Trevor Noah). Make your life a bit more joyful and exciting. Be a happy vegan.

I know it’s hard to accept our world. It’s not the easiest thing in the world to look at how people, that we deeply love, harm others and exploit beings that only have love in their heart. But the way humans are programmed, we can only change the world with love and kindness. War never created love, no matter how much you try to convince yourself that it has. And as much as angry vegans get attention, they are rarely the ones who help someone become vegan. Everyone prefers happy people.

If you want to get the hottest tips on how to be the happiest vegan on this planet, give me an opportunity to teach you the secrets in my eBook Happy Vegan, Angry Vegan: How to Deal with Non Vegans and Stay Sane. It’s very easy to understand, it contains tons of exercises to get you in a calmer state of mind, and it’s MY way to stand up for animal rights. Writing is my thing.

Be the love.

Feel the hate, feel the anger, feel the sadness; but in the presence of people who don’t know love towards all beings – BE the love. Show them the other side of life; the LOVING side. Be a happy vegan.

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