3 ways you can help animals from other countries.

help animals from other countries

Remember all those times when you wanted to help bulls in Spain, polar bears in the Antarctica, and goats at a farm sanctuary in the United States, but felt powerless because you live so far away from them?

I felt that too until I realized that I can do much more than I know for other animals from around the world. If you want to learn 3 ways you can do that, too, continue reading.

With the enormity of the Internet and social media, we have more power in our hands than we realize. We have all the tools to speak up for animals that live thousands of kilometres away from us, and we can do that successfully.

Every day we can lend a helping hand to an animal from across the world.

Not only we don’t have to stay local and help only those that we can touch, but we can use our voices for the whole animal kingdom and we can do that while we sleep or just sit on the couch with a laptop on our lap.

Here are 3 ways you can help animals from other countries:

  • Sign petitions from websites such as Care2. You may think that signing a petition doesn’t really do much and that it’s just a trick to make you feel like you are contributing something to the world, but look at all these stories of success after people signed a petition that resonated with them. It takes nothing from you to take 15 minutes a day and sign a few petitions that you agree with – and share them with your followers and family.
  • Donate money to organizations, sanctuaries and people who are doing important work in other countries. By supporting them financially, you are helping them pay for posters they put up, flyers they print, venues they hire to speak at, animals they help and rescue, and billboards they create to remind people of who they are eating. I love Goats of Anarchy, Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary and Mercy for Animals. You can give as much as 5€ if you don’t have more, every Euro counts and makes a difference.
  • Start blogging and sharing your experience about living a vegan lifestyle. If you speak English, you can reach people from across the planet and inspire them to live more ethically. I am just one human from Slovenia, yet my posts are mainly read by people from the US and UK. By helping people in other countries I am helping animals in those countries, too. It takes nothing away from me to write from my experience and share what I know on social media. If you want to learn more about how to start a vegan blog, check out my blogging section on my website here.

My goal is not to only focus on the animals in my country, but to be of service to all animals. I am here for the whole animal kingdom, not just for those closest to me.

I love volunteering in the city, saving stray animals from the streets, and feeding the birds in the forest, but we never know how much we can help until we go global. If you think your one signature cannot help a petition succeed, think about how many unsuccessful petitions would be there if all those hundreds of thousands of people would feel the same way as you do.

If you feel that you have nothing valuable to share and that no one could possibly read your blog, remind yourself that there are almost 8 billion people on the planet and that no matter how bad your content might be (in your head), there will always, and I mean always, be someone who will find you and think you are the most helpful person on the Internet.

You are amazingly powerful and I need you to realize that! I need you to acknowledge that giant power you have within you that is capable of transforming lives for better.

I would love to see you on my Instagram where I share a whole ton of helpful tips and inspiring photos to get you in the direction of living a fully vegan and eco-friendly lifestyle. I am on a journey and so are you, so why not share what we have learnt so far with others?



help animals from other countries

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