It’s kind of disturbing how we forget about the insects and all the small animals of the world when talking about animal rights. The only tiny animals that are mentioned are the bees, and even they are often forgotten.

I have never been a huge fan of insects and arachnids, they were just annoying and scary. But as everyone that goes vegan and learns about the importance of appreciating all lives, I too have learned to leave them alone, and unless they are threatening me I do not kill them (do not lie, you kill mosquitoes, too).

Small animals matter and I want to give you some helpful ideas on how we can protect them from the big bad humans who want to harm them.

We shouldn’t dismiss insects, arachnids and bugs simply because we do not understand them, and we shouldn’t kill them due to being afraid of them; we should all take small steps in making this world friendlier for them and they will sense that you are trying to help them (maybe).

I swear that since I am vegan, small animals love me and are always around me, which is not my favourite thing, but I appreciate it.

Here are things you can do to help them:

  • Do not throw snails. They are not birds and they cannot fly, they get hurt when they fall and they are just trying to live as peacefully as you do. Give them a bit of salad or fruit and gently put them somewhere else if they are blocking your way or eating your vegetables. Snails get hungry too and we should all help each other.
  • Do not kill insects and bugs with sprays or other things. I know that sometimes we simply must kill them, especially if they find a home inside our house and it is impossible to get rid of them, but try to protect it beforehand and only use salt in case of ants when they are already invading your home. I used to use sprays on ants that came in our apartment, but have since turned to salt and it works. I also use cinnamon.
  • Plant plants that are bug-friendly, so they can eat and have a home. Also, make sure you have water in a small glass that you don’t need anymore, so they can drink when they are thirsty. I often find bees drowning in my dog’s water bowl because they just wanted to drink. Bonus points if you have a bird feeder.

If you don’t like insects and bugs, just remove them gently and kindly, no need to kill them just because they scare you or annoy you. I mean, there are people that scare us and annoy us, but we don’t kill them, do we? I hope not.

There is enough space for everyone to live safely and happily, so make sure that next time you treat an ant or a bug in the same way as you would treat your friend. If they are not harming you there is absolutely no need to end their life short.

Did you know that only one percent of insects are harmful to humans and that about 80% of animals on this planet are insects? I also learned recently that a snail can sleep for 3 years straight and that the common garden worm has five pairs of hearts.

There are so many interesting facts out there about the small animals that really make me want to learn as much as I can about them; we just need to give them a chance and see them for who they are – tiny beings that deserve love.

What insects and bugs do you like? Which ones are not your cup of tea? Make sure to leave me a comment.


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