Here are 8 writing prompts if you are depressed.

I know that one of the hardest things to do while you are depressed is to think about the solutions to your current state; sometimes we can almost feel addicted to being depressed.

There are so many songs and poems that romanticize depression that you can almost start to see it as something poetic and beautiful. The Internet can be a scary place if you are vulnerable and struggling with negative thoughts.

If you are reading this post, then I will take the liberty of assuming that you want to know the solution to being healthier and that you want to explore different paths to better recovery.

Writing has been my form of healing for almost three decades and journaling about my emotions and different states of mind has turned out to be very fruitful.

If you ever wrote about your feelings on a piece of paper and just kept writing without checking for spelling, grammar and if you went over the line, then you know how liberated you feel afterwards.

Today I want to give you 8 prompts that will help you get deep inside your mind and write about the darkest thoughts that you are currently having.

I don’t know what exactly you are thinking but I do know what I was thinking and what people around me were thinking when they were depressed, so just take the prompts that resonate with you and try them out.

Here are 8 writing prompts if you are depressed:

  • Write about your numbness. Are you really numb or are you just so overwhelmed with emotions that you think you feel nothing at all?
  • Write about the darkness that you see in the world.
  • Write about the thoughts that arise when you hear the word death.
  • Write about your life before you became depressed.
  • Write about the day you realized you were depressed.
  • Write about that time you wanted to hurt someone and how you wanted to hurt them.
  • Write about that time you wanted to hurt yourself and what you wanted to do.
  • Write about a place in your head that you go to when you want to feel safe.

Pick one and start.

As you see, they are not the type of prompts to help you find what to do to feel better or to trick you into finding the good in life.

You can also see that I mention death in some of them and wanting to hurt someone or yourself. Maybe you never felt suicidal or wanted to hurt someone, but many of us have and it helps writing about it.

They are here to help you write about what is happening right now. Recovery doesn’t start when you start avoiding talking about depression and ignoring what is happening in your body and mind.

Recovery starts when you acknowledge what is happening and you open to it. You can’t change something if you don’t even know what it is that you want to change.

Imagine having cancer and avoiding thinking about it. You may trick yourself into thinking that it’s not there but that’s not really a fact, is it?

Instead, you would want to seek help and change your lifestyle. You would want to know everything about it so that you can know which doctors would be most helpful and what lifestyle changes could benefit you the most.

You need to look reality in the eyes and then kick its ass.

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I always make sure to share what worked for me because it might work for someone else, too. I am neither a doctor nor a scientist, but I do know that we can all learn from each other.

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