Honey is not vegan and I will tell you why.

Honey is not vegan and I will tell you why.

A lot of people draw the line when it comes to consuming honey and think that not supporting the honey industry is too extreme. What they usually don’t know is what is going on with bees and how awful their lives are as slaves for humans who want to eat honey.

In this post, I will teach you about why honey is not vegan and what other alternatives are available for you to sweeten your desserts with.

First, let’s start with the simple ethical reason and that is that vegans do not consume honey because it is an animal product and it comes from an animal. It’s like asking if it’s okay to eat eggs if you take care for the chicken – the answer is no, eggs are not yours to take and vegans do not consume animal products or byproducts under any circumstances.

There is absolutely nothing healthy about either eggs or honey so you do not need them for any health reason. If anything, you are letting your body cravings control you and we all know that when we have been feeding our bodies with trash, it will crave trash for a while. Just because your body craves cocaine, it does not mean you should actually do cocaine.

Bees are dying and without them, the whole system collapses, so taking advantage of them and taking away their food is really not nice when they are one of the main reasons why our planet is still having life on her. Even if your friend has bees and he doesn’t steal all of their honey – it is not yours to take, so do not support it.

Queen bees often have their wings cut off and are artificially inseminated (aka they are raped), just like cows on dairy farms. Factory farmers often steal all the honey away from bees and replace it with cheap sugar alternative that is simply not good enough for the bees and their needs.

There are many sweet alternatives for you to use instead of honey: rice syrup, molasses, organic cane sugar, maple syrup and many others Just check at your local store or anywhere where they sell healthy food and vegan alternatives.

We do not need to use animals for food and they owe us absolutely nothing. The fact that if humans died the world would thrive, but if bees died the world would collapse and die, says a lot about the importance of humans to our planet Earth. We might know math and can build buildings but we have nothing to bring to the environment except stop destroying it.

Bees matter and they deserve their freedom, therefore there is no such thing as ethical honey. Actually, I wrote an article about ethical veganism so make sure to read it and see what this whole thing is about.

What is your favorite honey alternative that is ethical and bee friendly? Make sure you let me know in the comment section and we can discuss some healthy honey free desserts that we can make for our honey-obsessed friends. Remember to follow me on Twitter.


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