How to be a better activist according to the Winchester brothers.

I have been religiously watching Supernatural since September 2009 when I was bored and it was the only interesting thing to watch on TV at midnight. They were replaying the first 4 seasons over and over again and I watched them all, over and over again.

I have been watching this freaking show for a decade! Sam and Dean have been such an important part of my life and I am completely honest when I say that in my darkest of times I kept on fighting because I knew that the boys were fighting too.

Sam and Dean have been to Hell and back (literally), tortured by the Devil, soulless, depressed, suicidal, and angry and everything in between. They have fought through all of that so that means I can too.

There were many times when I didn’t give up because they never gave up.

Today I want to share with you what I have learnt from them about being an activist. They are hunters, not activists, but it’s easy to forget that when you see them save the world every week.

I went through some of my favourite SPN episodes and looked at how Sam and Dean deal with things when they get really, really bad. And in Supernatural everything goes really, really bad very, very often.

Here is how to be a better activist according to Sam and Dean Winchester:

  • Take responsibility for your actions. When the boys started an Apocalypse they took the responsibility and did everything they could to stop it. They never point fingers at others if they know they are responsible for whatever is happening. And when they do blame someone else, it is because they are already doing something to stop it themselves. They know that if they don’t do shit, no one else will do anything either.
  • Don’t be affected by other people’s personalities when you are fighting for the same cause. Dean loves bacon and pie and hot waitresses and Sammy loves books, the internet and healthy living. They are different but they are on the same team. Yes, they are also brothers but we also have Castiel, a confused yet adorable and sometimes annoying angel, and Rowena, a sassy witch that is selfish and whose son was King of Hell. They all hated each other at some point and definitely weren’t always working as a team, but when the Devil came (literally) they all stood together and fought against him as one.
  • Do your research and always fight back with facts. Sam, my favourite fictional man and spirit animal, is a research freak. He reads and learns everything there is to know about any monster they are hunting. If they don’t know something, they risk getting killed and that is not good. That’s why Sammy constantly educates himself on what they are dealing with and why he is constantly on a computer and reading heavy books.
  • Teach others what you know. The Winchesters have been teaching their fellow hunters (and regular people who ended up meeting them) how to fight monsters for ages but the lesson to teach others what you know has never been more important than when they met Jack. Jack is the son of Lucifer and the purest soul ever to exist on the show. After some tough love and fights (especially from Dean), the boys accept Jack as their family and taught him how to help them fight the bad guys. Everyone is capable of being an activist but not everyone has a person that is willing to teach them what they know.

Okay (somehow I read this in Sam Harris’s voice because every time before he presents the guest on his podcast he says this slow okaay).

I hope these four tips helped you and will inspire you to become a better activist. I love Supernatural so much and the boys have been a part of my life for the longest.

The mission they are on is so inspiring and the love they have for each other is indescribable. The show will be ending soon but the lessons they’ve taught me will stay with me forever. And now they will be with you, too!

If you want to know how to become an animal rights activist in the first place and how to find your unique way of fighting for animal liberation, read this post that I wrote. You don’t have to be a full-time activist to be active in the vegan community.

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