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If you are eager to go vegan but your parents are holding you back, I feel for you and I wish it wouldn’t have to be this way.

Usually, before our big transition – our big transformation – we find an obstacle that pushes back and doesn’t let us through, but there is always a way.

Because life is the way it is and our parents have been taught that not eating other animals could possibly kill us, we need to find other ways on how to convince them to let us transition. We need to find ways that work and don’t create tension between us and them.

When I went vegan I was already an adult and obviously my dad had no problem with it, so I am lucky in that regard – also, he went vegan soon after me which was very helpful – but I do know a few tips and tricks that could help you.

So, how to convince your parents to let you go vegan? I got you.

  • Start cooking your own meals whenever you can, or start preparing lunch and dinner for your parents. Don’t tell them that it’s vegan and go silent about veganism for a few days before (you don’t want them to get suspicious) and then suddenly offer your help in the kitchen. That way you can eat vegan more often, and they will see that eating plant-based is not plain or lacking anything important.
  • Get them to watch a documentary with you. Don’t push them or be angry if they refuse, just nicely suggest a movie night where you choose a movie. A great family movie that is not too graphic but has a lovely story is Okja.
  • Leave books about veganism and animal rights in places where they will see them. That worked for me, as my dad picked up My Beef with Meat after I started leaving it on the table, and my sister read Ruby Roth’s Vegan Is Love after I left it on the couch where she usually reads. I can guarantee you that when boredom strikes, they will pick up the book and read a few pages.

I would so love to hear from you whether or not any of the tips I presented sound good to you, and if you try them, make sure to come back and give me some feedback.

How to convince your parents to let you go vegan? How to help them understand? How to expose them to the correct information? Leave your comment below and share your own personal experience with everyone.

Remember, your parents only want the best for you and don’t want to see you get ill due to your new diet, and when they fight back and keep you from making major changes, it just means that they love you and want to keep you safe where they think you cannot get hurt.

They grew up in a much different world than we are growing up now and they have been exposed to very different health information that we now know is not true. They can’t support your decision to go vegan because they don’t have the information they need.

Have compassion for them.

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