How to create a vegan blog that helps people help animals.

I started writing a blog 4 years ago when I realized that I outgrew Tumblr and wanted something more serious and grown up.

In the past four years I went from a simple blog that was called DailyElfs – and later renamed to DailyElves because it made more sense – to now having a website under my own name where I also write blog posts.

All those years I spent writing hundreds and hundreds of blog posts, collaborating with many people, sending thousands and thousands of Tweets and tried almost all social media apps. I was on a mission to become a proper blogger that made money with writing.

I wrote two ebooks and sold about 10 of them. I created Facebook campaigns that cost me a lot of money but created no results. I contacted many bloggers without ever receiving an answer.

I was doing all of that with the intention to help the animals and help the people. 90% of all posts that I wrote in the past 4 years have been written to help someone with veganism, anxiety, depression or bullying.

I laughed when I got told that it will take me years before I start seeing the results of my work. I heard that I will have to write hundreds of blog posts before even one of them will get read by more than a thousand people. And they were right, but at first, I laughed and called them silly. I am a hidden narcissist and I expect to be great in many things in a short period of time, so that threw me off track.

Only in April of this year, have I started to see big changes on my website. One day I lazily checked my Google Analytics page and saw that my website was visited 4 thousand times in the past month. Not only that, after checking it every few days, I realized that this changed to having a thousand people on my website every single day. By the time this post will be up, I will be able to say that my website was visited 16 thousand times in the last 30 days.

Look, this may sound little to you and I do agree it’s little, but it’s also an incredible step forward because I actually feel like I am writing for someone and that I actually have a proper audience. It also helps me see the statistics and more easily see who to write for and what topics people find most interesting.

But now let’s look at how to create a vegan blog that will eventually reach thousands of people. I want to share with you a few tips that I believe you will find helpful.

Here is what you can do as a vegan blogger:

  • Do not be afraid of experimenting. It takes time to find your colors and fonts, so take your time and play around. It took me four damn years before I finally settled on my website and found colors that actually represent my mind and mood.
  • Ask people to guest post on your website or interview them. It’s a great way to meet new bloggers and to reach new audiences. Be brave!
  • Have patience. Gary Vaynerchuk always talks about having patience and I stand firmly behind that as well. In 2014 I thought I would be a successful blogger in no time, but I am still not there and the first signs of success have only now started to show.
  • Reply to people’s emails and comments. It means a lot to people when you acknowledge them and it only takes a few minutes to thank someone or answer their question.
  • Be yourself. But not always. With that, I mean that sometimes we need to put our hand over our mouth because saying something that does not fit our brand can damage our activism and, although I support the freedom of speech 1000%, we have the responsibility to choose whether we want to be helpful or we want to be right.
  • Know your values and what you deem moral. You can easily slip and find yourself doing something that you actually do not agree with, so be careful.
  • Write about everything that you love and believe in. Don’t try to niche yourself right away because if you don’t write about everything for a while, you won’t know which topics actually fire you up when you are writing about them.
  • Be kind but honest. If you curse, own it. If you want to rant, do it. Free speech matters and censorship sucks. You will never be everyone’s piece of the pie, so don’t try to impress those who don’t like what you write about.
  • Be careful about including politics in your posts as they can turn away a whole portion of potential vegans. Yes, I said that free speech matters and should be protected, but sometimes, just sometimes, you need to know how far to go if you don’t want to isolate half of the population.

I hope you found any of these tips helpful and I truly wish you all the best as a blogger. I am open for collaborations so do not hesitate to email me and pitch me an idea for what we could potentially do together.

Let me know in the comments what your favourite tip is and how long have you been blogging?


p.s. If you are interested in learning more about how to create a vegan blog, you can read this post here that it’s all about simple tips that I believe one should follow.


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