How to deal with unhealthy relationships.

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No, I am not talking about literal trash, although you can do that, too. I am talking about people who are absolutely, one hundred percent, bad for you. Those people who would rather avoid you and talk badly behind your back, than to resolve the issues and part ways with peace and love.

Sometimes we find ourselves being surrounded by humans who resemble garbage in the way they act. They spit out nasty things, never do anything good for the world, and do not seem to be aware of how awful they are at supporting their friends.

Those people need to be thrown out, for good.

  • Can you name one person who is making your skin crawl? Who is going on your nerves?
  • Who is making you feel like shit when you are around them? In what ways are they disrespecting you?
  • Is there a person that you wish would leave you alone forever? Have you ever told them that you do not want to be around them anymore?
  • How many of those people are in your life at the moment? Which number is higher: people who love you or people who treat you awfully?

When you find someone who is all of that, ask yourself, why do you still let them be in your life?

Why aren’t you able to let them go? Are they a coworker? Are they a family member with whom you reside? Are they a classmate? If so, then we will find a way to take them out – not kill, obviously, but remove from our lives – nicely, but if they are not a part of your daily life, then why are you still waiting?

Let us look at some ways that you can remove someone from your life, in case they are in your life every single day:

  • You can choose to tell them that you do not wish to talk to them anymore. Would they feel hurt? Perhaps, and maybe they would even get upset, but being honest is always the best decision.
  • You can choose to ignore their remarks and just leave the room, or simply turn around and not pay any attention to them.
  • You can choose to interact with them, but only when they are being kind. The second they start resembling a piece of trash, you tell them how you feel and you turn to someone else or leave.

Listen, the longer you go without doing anything about those people, the worse you will feel. It’s not just your joy that depends on what type of environment you are in, but also your health. Being constantly under stress due to the bad company you keep around you is taking a toll on you and that is not good.

Being able to raise your voice if necessary and standing up for your well being, those are two things that we must learn how to do. The way our world works today, we cannot be held prisoner to the situations that are making us unhappy, but we must free ourselves from the chains that other people put on us.

For example, once you become vegan, you see who truly matters in your life and who is just a troll that does not support your healthier lifestyle. Remove the latter. Many people will suddenly change their attitude towards you when you stop exploiting animals, it’s truly fascinating to me.

There are already too many problems that we are dealing with on a daily basis, do not let awful human beings be one of them. Unhappiness and illness are not something we should encounter due to other humans, it should be on us to prevent it and remove the possible causes out of our lives.

This is a chapter from my FREE eBook From Feeling Low to Living Green that you can get here.


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