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It is becoming very clear lately that eating plant-based is the healthiest decision we can make in our lives. Not only are our bodies designed to eat healthy plants (check out this article that describes how our bodies are not built to eat meat), but our health indicates that it doesn’t want to eat bodies of other animals – and everything that comes out of them.

We are becoming sicker and dependent on drugs that are prescribed to us, usually blindly and with deadly side effects. Hospitals are full, like Camp Nou during El Clasico, and people are dying from heart diseases and cancer every year younger.

Although the media is fighting us hard and the big pharma isn’t giving up anytime soon, we are slowly but surely showing the world that we have been poisoned and brainwashed by the same people who were supposed to take care of us. We were led to believe that eating other species of animals will give us health and strength, but it sadly only gave us disease and premature death.

It’s time to stop blindly following the masses and finally open our eyes to the fact that the only medicine we need are foods that don’t scream, bleed or run away when faced with a human holding a knife. Eat healthy plant-based foods, it’s pretty easy.

Just a heads up that I am not saying you shouldn’t take drugs prescribed by your doctor. I am not anti-vaccines or anti-drugs. I am just against the idea promoted to us that our diet plays a small part in our health and it is all about our genes when it is the other way around.

We need to go back to nature. If we want to know how to eat healthily, we need to listen to our bodies more and they are telling us to eat plants.

If you have been following the news in the past few months, you might have heard of a beautiful and informative documentary called What the Health. It was made by the same two guys that made Cowspiracy, and we all know how powerful Cowspiracy was.

So you know that we can trust them with what they say; not only because they have proved their credibility once before, but because What the Health provides actual facts that are backed up by a bunch of doctors that are living proof of how effective the plant-based diet is + have done their research and studies.

If you haven’t watched What the Health yet I strongly recommend it and I truly, truly recommend their first documentary Cowspiracy as well. (Here are a few other great documentaries that you might like).

I gathered a few interesting facts from their website – yes, all the facts can be found on their website in case you don’t believe what they say in the movie – and I have them here to show them to you, just in case you need more motivation to go fully plant-based.

Like I said before, you can find all the reports and studies on the WTH website – here.

  • WHO (World Health Organization) report has classified bacon & sausage as carcinogenic to humans.
  • One serving of processed meat per day increases the risk of developing diabetes by 51%.
  • Within minutes of eating dead meat bacteria toxins, the body gets a burst of inflammation, stiffening or paralyzing the arteries.
  • Eating 1 egg per day is just as bad as smoking 5 cigarettes per day for life expectancy.
  • The number one source of saturated fat is dairy.
  • Countries with the highest rates of dairy consumption have the highest rates of osteoporosis.
  • For women who have had breast cancer, just one serving of whole dairy a day can increase their chance of dying from the disease by 49%.
  • The largest, strongest terrestrial animals on the planet are all herbivores.

As you can see, eating animal products is literally killing us. If that is not enough of a reason for people to adopt a plant-based diet, then I don’t know what is.

We are able to live healthy long lives and experience the beauty that is around us, if only we switch to a much healthier diet that is specifically made for us.

Plants are a gift from nature. They are alive. They didn’t bleed to death and they didn’t scream when they were harvested.

As many times before, I will invite you to read How Not to Die by Dr Michael Greger; one of the most recommended books among plant eaters. It is one of the strongest evidence about the plant-based diet being the best for human health. I have read it a bunch of times by now and it never ceases to amaze me with all the information it provides.

What about you? Are you already plant-based, or are you just learning about why a plant-based diet is the healthiest for humans? Have you learned anything new about how to eat healthy? Let me know in the comment because I would love to hear from you.

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eat healthy