how to go vegan

Can you believe we are close to being invited to one of Gatsby’s grand parties? Roaring 20s are just around the corner.

I know these 20s are different and fashion is uglier, but I still love to pretend we are entering a new era where things will be dramatically better and more exciting – an era of innovation and transformation.

Since we should all want to be healthier, happier and kinder, we need to consider going vegan in 2020. I mean, can we really afford to pretend we are still not aware of how animal agriculture affects other animals, the environment and our health?

I don’t think so.

Today I want to share with you a few tips you need to hear before going vegan in 2020. I wrote way too many posts for you to go through and perhaps you already read them but they didn’t work on you.

That’s okay. We are all different and usually, we need to hear something a dozen times before we start thinking about it. I do have a feeling though that this post might be the one to show you how easy it is to transition.

So here I am ready to teach you how to go vegan with these 4 pieces of advice:

  1. Listen to your body and give it time to adjust.

You will crave animal products and perhaps you will even feel shitty for a while, but it’s all a part of the detox phase you enter when you stop consuming animal products. Your body needs to adjust to this new diet and let go of all the nastiness you were feeding it with your whole life.

  1. Be patient.

If you feel uncomfortable taking it slowly and not going vegan overnight, remember to be mindful of the steps you’re taking. It’s okay if you are only vegan in your heart for a while. Take the needed time and be patient – sometimes going slowly results in the best long-term results.

  1. Learn the basics and then some more.

I am the biggest preacher when it comes to educating yourself before going vegan. It took me 11 months to transition and the whole time I was reading and listening and watching – constantly educating myself about veganism and animal rights. There is never enough knowledge to possess, so take an online course or read a few books before you go vegan. It will make it so much easier, I promise.

  1. Have the courage to reach out.

There will be people who will change their attitude towards you when you go vegan, that’s a given. But you need not be alone on this journey, as long as you have the courage to reach out and connect with like-minded humans.

What do you think? Are you ready to start eating plants and treating your fellow animals the way they deserve to be treated?

You have a whole year to transition and I believe you can do it. Think of how much better you will feel in your heart knowing that you just opened a new channel of compassion to pour out in the world.

As I said, it took me 11 months to transition so I am not here to judge. But I will tell you, every second of taking the steps towards a vegan lifestyle were some of the happiest in my life. It just feels good living according to one’s values.

If you need any help, you can leave a comment below or find me on Instagram.


how to go vegan