I find it incredibly hard to believe when people tell me they are too busy to schedule a 15-minute break during their day for a quick movement session.

I happen to know that each one of us has 15 minutes a day to dedicate to moving our body and I want to tell you how I know that. It only takes a bit of logical thinking to see where the problem lies and it’s not time that we should blame for our lack of exercise.

But first, let’s talk about movement and why we need to step away from stillness and laziness.

Your body has evolved to be moved. You used to live on trees and jumped from one branch to another, so it’s in your genes to be active. No animal on this planet survived and evolved because they were lazy and fat while complaining about how awful they feel.

But of course, with fast food on every corner and this strange movement that is happening right now where people want obesity to be accepted as normal and beautiful, it is no wonder that most of you prefer to eat hamburgers, drink Coke and watch reality TV.

A short workout every day, or a movement practice of any sorts, helps lower your blood pressure, it helps you reduce stress and avoid depression, it makes your happy juices flow through your body and it energizes you to be able to go through the day without taking breaks to sleep.

And I know that you have time to move your body throughout your day because I know these things:

  • Some of you take a train to work so that gives you at least 15 minutes of free time to move your body. Imagine combining a train ride with a light stretching practice or a movement routine + listening to an educational podcast. You are multitasking. And no I am not talking about running on the freaking train, but there are exercises you can do while sitting and unless someone is right beside you, no one will notice.
  • Some of you drive to work instead of walking there or going by bike. You could go to public transport and walk the rest of the way.
  • Some of you work in buildings with elevators and you could take the stairs every time you walk up and down.
  • Some of you have to make plenty of calls at work so that gives you a few minutes to do squats while you are talking; maybe even go for a walk. Did you know that Dr Michael Greger has a walking desk and he does interviews while literally walking?
  • Some of you have kids and you have plenty of opportunities to work out with them. And even having a baby doesn’t mean that you have no time to work out because there are two videos that will show you how to move your body with a teeny-tiny baby by your side: one & two!

When you combine all of that, you get at least a minimum of 15 minutes a day to move your body.

It’s all about prioritizing your health and your wellbeing. I know plenty of people who are overweight because they don’t move and if they do move they sabotage that work with eating fatty foods.

Sustaining a healthy lifestyle takes a lot of effort and will. You can’t just expect to wake up one day and be healthy just by praying for it or taking a magical pill.

Think about your friends and family who need you in their lives. Think about all the animals that you need to save. Think about all the places that are waiting to be visited by you. You got this, OK?

You need to make yourself a priority, far before everyone else.

Let me know in the comments what your favourite workout is and how you make sure you move your bum throughout the day even on the days when you are busy.

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