How to reconnect with nature in 3 steps.

I love dirt and soil and grass and trees and everything that involves being in nature and working with natural materials, but it wasn’t always like that.

Somewhere in the midst of being a depressed teenager, I lost my connection to Mother Earth and I didn’t feel that special bond to her anymore.

It all changed when I realized that only she can help me with my problems. I may be all about science and studies but when it comes to life questions I will trust the trees more often than books written by people.

If you, too, want to reconnect with nature and are seeking ways on how to do that, I have a few tips for you right here:

  • Create your own garden of flowers. I bought a bunch of flower seeds last summer and I thought I did everything right but it turned out that I was clueless. I didn’t check if the earth was the right type to help flowers grow or what to do before you actually put the seeds in the soil. I had no idea what I was doing but I felt closer to nature. I was clueless and she was wise and she taught me a lesson that just because I think she has to grow whatever I, a selfish human, want her to, she really doesn’t have to listen to me.
  • Don’t avoid going for a walk if it’s raining or snowing. A lot of people hide in their homes and think that it’s too cold or too wet for them to go out but we have evolved to be able to survive these to us extreme conditions and the one thing that made us that way was mother Earth. Use two pairs of gloves, grab an umbrella and a hat, and go for that walk outside. Enjoy different types of weather and feel grateful that you are able to experience it.
  • Observe – and by that, I really mean observe – the animals and how they live and coexist with nature. Sit down and observe a snail and how he knows where the food is and how cute he is when he suddenly decides to turn back and return to wherever he came from, or look up at the sky and observe the birds and how they play in the trees and listen to the songs they sing. They are all so in tune with nature that you can learn everything from the way they live their lives.

These would be my three humble tips on how to reconnect with nature.

When you learn how to talk to mother Earth and listen to her warnings and pleas for help, you will perhaps become more aware of the fact that climate change is real and you can help her and that every choice you make throughout your day makes a difference.

She gave us our life; let’s now take care of hers.



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